Monday, September 17, 2007


The Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OOAN) released a new rental rate for outdoor advertising which took effect from the 1st of April 2007. The rates have been reviewed every month, and the rise is between 20% to almost 50%in some states like Abuja. Several reasons were stated for the increase, this includes:
• high cost of materials arising from high exchange rate,
• multiple taxation by various levels of government,
• vandalization of properties and outrageous demand by area boys (thugs).
Others are increased cost of office accommodation and increased cost of sanitizing the outdoor environment.

Some areas were affected more badly, like Abuja (The Federal Capital Territory). The billboard rates in Abuja right now are outrageous and only big brands can afford outdoor advertising in Abuja.
Some other affected areas were Lagos, Rivers, Edo and Delta State, where the increase was just about 30%. The increase in the rates of all the other remaining states was just about 20%.

The billboard formats released by OOAN are as follows:
1a) 40 Sheet (Existing Model)
1b) 40 Sheet Super Structure
2a) 48 Sheet conventional
2b) 48 Sheet Super Structure
3 ) 48 Sheet Ultrawave
4 ) 96 Sheet Ultrawave
5 ) 96 Sheet (Conventional)
6 ) 96 Sheet frontlit
7 ) Backlit (4m x 8m Aluminium)
8 ) 4m x 8m (Conventional)
9 ) Spectacular (Tower) frontlit
10) Spectacular (Tower) Backlit
11) Neighbourhood Signages: 3m x 2m (16 sheet)
12) 4 Sheet/ Directional Sign.

4’ x 72’/80’ x 96’ Solus (Pedestrain)
6’ x 72’/80’ x 96 Solus (Vehicular)
6’ x 6’/96’ Super (Vehicular)
6’ x 108’ x 120 Jumbo (Vehicular)

Street Lamp post
48 Sheet Super Structure
Ultra wave digital board
96 Sheet spectacular (Non Illuminated)
Light box (Backlit)
Spectacular (Unipole)

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