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         There are so many goods and services in the Nigerian market today creating room for varieties. Many businesses involved in the production of goods and services are short of monopoly as most of them are into production of similar goods and services which satisfy the same needs of the consumer. Advertising competition has become fiercer than ever, all in the bid to make target audience opt for a particular brand over the other.

         In achieving increased sales or services beyond that of the competitors’, many organisations take up different advertising strategies. However, as a business owner or organisation, what you need is differentiation; this is a very wise strategy to adopt within a competitive market system in order to get attention.  Many consumers mistake the identity of brands because they all seem alike. What you need do therefore, to make your brand to stand out and be the choice of your consumers’ satisfaction is to bring out your Selling Point (Unique Selling Proposition)

       Your selling point is the benefits that the consumers strongly, uniquely, and positively associate with your brand, it makes you stand out from your competitor. It simply tells the consumer, proving for a fact that your product is indeed unique, bringing out clearly the features of the product that cannot be found in a competitor’s product and thus convincing them to choose your services.

         However, before you decide to create a Selling Point (USP), you have to settle down and critically analyse, because your selling point is what would give your business or product an edge. First, check out what competitors’ are up to, what are their unique selling propositions too? Check out their advertising messages and what makes them stand out from others like you. Also identify the similarities between you and the competition. You formulate your selling point by understanding who your consumers are. In doing this, you have to

Understand who your consumers are:
This involves knowing who are the target audience, what kind of people they are and what taste, quality or quantity of goods or services appeal to them? You should try to know what sharpens the consumers’ appetite, what turns them off from other products in order to avoid making the same mistake. When you know this, you would be able to create the right words that would reach out to them and are able to identify with it. Therefore, your selling point should be customer oriented.

 Know your consumer’s mindset:
Since your goal is customer satisfaction, therefore you have to research on what are really the needs of the consumer and what they really want? Why would they ignore the competition and come to you? This might be your customer relations, quality of service, durability or proximity of your service to them.

 Discover why they choose your products over the others
You have to understand why such consumers prefer your own product to the competitors’, for you never can tell, until you ask.They may prefer the looks, colour, taste, quantity of such products. Know what they see in your business and product that retains their loyalty. Then develop your selling point based on that.

Proposition to the consumer
If you already have a selling point or believe you have brand features that would appeal to your target audience, be sure to make realistic propositions, avoid presenting yourself bigger than what you really are. This may do more damage to the brand’s image when consumer expectations are cut short.
        Now that you have a selling point, below are the benefits of having a Unique Selling Point
Increment in sales
Having a Unique Selling Point helps you increase your sales because more consumers are drawn by what you promise to convey to them that others cannot. Satisfied consumers indirectly advertise the benefits of the service to others around them and such people are probably going to try them out.

Consumer loyalty
When consumers get what you promise them and are satisfied, they stick to such brands because they are professed as reliable and trusted. The company’s ability to maintain a transparent communication with consumer helps build trust.

It helps you stand out
When the selling point is clearly spelt out in your advertisements, you are distinguished from every other product and with proper positioning; your selling points could overshadow the competitors’.

Increases credibility
The packaged advertisement based on your selling point helps reveal your business as more believable because such should make a very strong appeal to the consumer that others may find hard or impossible to do.

Positive reinforcements
Advertising is meant to produce a positive image in the mind of the consumer towards a particular brand. With a selling point clearly communicated in few words to the consumer and constant exposure to such messages, the more it is engraved in their hearts. When next such goods or services are required, the first thing that comes to mind is your selling point, reminding them that you are the best option.
     In a very competitive society like Nigeria, a unique selling point is what you need to move your business to the next level. In the absence of a distinguished identity, it would be difficult to neither maintain customers’ interests nor draw new ones to you. Therefore, understand what your business, products or services are effectively capable of doing. Package your advertisement accordingly, coin out slogans, hammering away on such benefits and see how your establishment grows to greater heights, leaving behind others with similar services.

      At Poise Media Nigeria, we are here to help you understand what the market is about, help you better understand who and what your audience are, presenting holistic view on how to create, design, develop and package advertising that appeals to your consumers through your Selling Point, so why don’t you send us an email at info@poisemedianigeria.com today and be the difference.

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