Saturday, October 9, 2010

LED Outdoor Billboard Advertising in Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja, Abia, Portharcourt)

As a part of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) contribution in making Lagos a mega City, lots of the old fashion ordinary billboards are being removed, and being replaced with a more modern technology in outdoor advertising. The old fashion 40 sheet is already faced out and being replace with much neater backlit 48 sheets, ultra display and LED LED screen billboard.
Outdoor advertising in Lagos and Abuja has even gone a step further into the digital age by the introduction of this large screen LED billboards, that are popping up in hot places like the MMA2 (Muritala local Airport 2), Allen Avenue junction, Maryland, Surulere, Victoria Island, Ikoyi etc, and are proving to be quite the success. In fact, many prefer digital outdoor advertising because of its large impact and efficient pricing. Look out for these bright LED billboards as they set the tone for outdoor advertising now in Lagos, Abuja Portharcourt and Abia states in Nigeria..

These brilliant digital displays offer effective, high impact, targeted, and flexible advertising campaigns. These digital displays are widely accepted as the new advertising medium, because of their myriad advantages such as: dynamic creative elements and interactivity, guaranteed delivery and scheduled display, multiple advertisers with no clutter, co-op revenue opportunities, instant digital changes for season, price, or promotion, rapid ability to update content, timely insertion of trailer loops with advertising content, instant digital programming with informative and entertaining content, and the ability to deliver specific messages to specific audiences in specific locations.

The flexible LED (light emitting diode) medium allows instant message uploading via the Internet, so Amber Alerts, community event messages, public service announcements can run on the sign when they are needed. Today, outdoor advertising is a vital element in well-conceived marketing plans.

In today's society older methods of advertising, such as newspaper and radio, are on their way out, whereas outdoor billboards are becoming increasingly effective. Next to the internet, outdoor advertising is the fastest growing medium and continues to gain strength.

The animated advertisements can be set in a loop to continuously show a set number of messages. And when a change is needed, instead of sending a crew to tear down the old and pain the new, it just takes the click of a mouse! Needless to say, look out for digital media as the future of outdoor advertisement.

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