Saturday, October 9, 2010

LED Screen Now on Lagos Taxis!

Futuristic, sleek, and aerodynamic, those are the word I will use to describe this development of LED screen on Nigerian Taxi’s. Nigeria is fast becoming a changed nation as new technological development is being introduced into the advertising world. When we saw the LED display on outdoor billboards in Lagos and Abuja, we thought we’ve seen it all, now we have LED display Outdoor screen on Lagos Taxi's!

Last week, I was invited to the unveiling of this new wonderful technology that is being introduced to the streets of Lagos.
Over 200, highly functional, brand-new, air-conditioned cars were launched at this unveiling. The LED Taxi attempts to provide a comfortable alternative to the old rickety cabs, ubiquitous in most Nigerian cities, thereby providing cheap and comfortable means of transportation for both the rich and the poor.
The LED mobile taxi is the mobile digital platform on which goods and services are displayed in their brightest and most natural colours. Appearing as a rectangular, rooftop, double-face LED screen, measuring 40 inches by 16 inches, it provide advert services through the display of these digital images in their most natural colours. The location of this screen shall be the roof of the POD Taxi and its unique double-face feature affords a dual view every time. The Screen is built in accordance with defined scientific specifications and standards to make it water-proof, sun-proof and environmental friendly.
The advert spot on the Taxi runs simultaneously on all the 200 taxi operating in the street of Lagos. This is another good avenue to convey your messages to the inhabitant of Lagos and Abuja (where we have this taxi’s for now)

Here are some benefits of the LED Screen Taxi
The advert on the Diamond Screen can be seen by people on all the streets and roads as the minimum viewing distance is only 4 metres.
The Screen is double sided to afford a dual view every time.
It weighs only 30kg and does not affect the balance of the taxi irrespective of number of passengers in it.
It is weather proof, stone proof and environmental friendly.
It can display exact same adverts on all the screens scattered about at the same time.
It is a highly durable screen as it can run for 10,000 hours non - stop, that is, approximately 5 months.

If you are interested in placing your advert spot on these taxi’s, please remember to contact us for more information.

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