Friday, March 27, 2009

RE- Branding Nigeria (Don’t you think we have taken enough of this SH**T)

A group of Big Bros came together claiming they are re-branding Nigeria, but my question is what do these people really know about branding? Who made them an authority on this matter? How many brand consultants are in the committee? I feel they even miss it from the beginning, so there is no future in their re-branding process. The true definition of branding does not even include all the things they have started with.

Error #1: A Brand is not a logo (This people came up with a logo which I am sure must have cost us like a few million naira to make because the re-branding process budget is pegged at some few billions. The logo is not what defines us as a good country. America, Great Britain, Japan and other developed nations are not respected because of the Logo)

Error #2: A Brand is not a slogan (Nigeria: Good People, Great Nation)
We should have taken a queue from other developed nations of the world. The true definition of a brand is what other people’s perception is about the product or services. So you are not the one that defines your brand, people have to define it for you. Changing our logo and slogan does not change who we are as a nation. There are some fundamental issues that alter our brand image in the international community and if those issues are not dealt with, our case will be like a mad man dressed in beautiful apparel. As far as I am concern this is another way some people want to embezzle our money. Imagine what Donald Duke did in Calabar or what Governor Raji Fashola (SAN) is doing in Lagos state, if he continues this way, Lagos will emerge a very strong brand that foreigner will love to visit and invest in. True Re-branding start inwardly and it then reflect on the outside. What perception do people have about our country is the outside community, when we are re-branding and yet we’re still living in the dark, the roads are very bad, 70% of our people are still living below poverty line and the list is countless. The perception of the people in the international community calls for much more deeper attention than trying to create a new logo or a new slogan for us. I think our re-branding process should start with a campaign on how we can make our country a better place to live in. Let remind them that “ A HEALTHY NATION IS A BRANDED NATION”.

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