Friday, December 10, 2010

Recommended Outdoor Advertisement in Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja)

Lagos State has a population of almost 20million people. Lagos is a place where people spend more time in traffic than in their homes or offices. As the population of Lagos State increases, more traffic is caused. Due to this overwhelming situation of traffic in Lagos city, the government has provided over a thousand comfortable, air-conditioned Buses (AKA BRT Buses) with special lanes for the people of Lagos metropolis.
There is no better platform to advertise than on the long luxurious busses that are always contending the roads with you. These BRT buses shuttles everywhere in Lagos from Lagos mainland to Lagos Island.
As outdoor prices rises in Nigeria, top brands are now focusing their advertising campaign medium on the BRT Buses. Top brands such as Samsung, Nokia, Etiselat Telecommunications, 7up bottling company, MTN, Zain ETC, are now leveraging on the BRT bus branding.
I have taken time to list some of the benefit of the BRT bus branding in Lagos.
If you are also considering advertising on the BRT Buses in Nigeria, remember to contact Victor for the current rates. Enjoy
BRT has special lanes in Lagos which makes the Advert on them very visible
The BRT buses can get to places billboards cannot get to.
The advert on the BRT buses will always be on people’s faces when held in traffic.
The BRT buses get to Lagos Island where billboards are mostly prohibited.
The BRT works for over 18hrs per day, 7 days a week, even on public holidays.
The BRT buses are big, so it is like advertising on a 40ft by 60ft Unipole for the price of a 10ft by 20ft 48 sheets billboard.
Using the BRT Bus Branding is like having three (3) 48sheet Billboards on a single bus.
Unlike other kinds of advertising, like TV or Press, people cannot just switch the channel, flip the page or throw it out.
The ad on the BRT Buses is simply in front of people as a part of the environment!

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