Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The importance and effectiveness of BRT Bus Branding and Advertising cannot be undermined in Nigeria, especially Lagos Metropolis, and that is why I am revisiting this topic to talk about it again. You ask: what is unique about the BRT Bus Branding that merits it for a review? I answer: its uniqueness lies in the fact that it goes out to meet its customers as against its Unipole, Walldrapes, Light-boxes and Bus Shelter counterparts that are stationed in one place.
Bus branding is a cost effective way to turn the promotional bus into a professional and high impact, mobile advertisement. Wherever the bus travels you’ll be building the brand or promoting the campaign. It also provides you and your business with a moving advertisement at very affordable prices. It is therefore safe to say that Bus Branding is an intelligent advertising investment.

These buses are branded on both sides, and even the rear is available for branding, making other motorists and people around see the message that you are passing across. Inside the buses are three (3) panels (3sqm each) located at the top of the staircase, so passengers cannot but see the messages anytime they board or alight from the bus. Also there is a 20sqm panel above the seats inside the bus which runs the advertiser’s message over and over, so that the passengers have no choice but to keep re-reading the messages, and this goes a long way in storing it up in their memories!

Bus Branding has some great advantages, and they are:
• When compared with other means, it is relatively cheaper as it has a much wider reach than other mediums.
• This medium constantly works for you and creates more awareness of your brand day and night.
• It carries your message where it matters most, and this is why it is imperative for advertisers to choose routes that suits their target customers.
• It provides total market penetration. The advert reaches a heterogeneous class of people at the same time.
• It offers high visibility and constant repetition translating to a greater impact. The advert messages are big and clear, and when people see them long enough, the messages stick.
• This medium builds products/services awareness within days, and this saves some extra cash that would have been spent on further campaigns.

I hope this piece is educative and informative enough to enlighten you on the loaded benefits you can get from Bus Branding. Also more recently, PoiseMedia Communications Limited acquired the Bus Branding license and we have 100 buses available for branding, and at every point any one of our staff is available to offer more information on any of our packages; for expert advice of what combination of medium will best suit your brand/budget; and to escort you to any of our available sites. Our contact is on the lower side of this website. Good luck in running your Bus Branding campaign.

Written by:
Adekoya Oluwatomisin,
Business Development Manager,
PoiseMedia Communications Ltd.

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