Wednesday, November 2, 2016

5 Ways to Make Your Brand Magnetic in Lagos, Nigeria

Considering how fast and technology driven our world is presently, also given the rate at which numerous and various brands are springing out every day. It is not a surprise that companies are reeling and wondering if brand loyalty still exists.
Most customers are not loyal to a brand. They have hundreds of other options to choose from.  Some customers go for other brand product if they don’t get exactly what they are looking for. For instance Most Nigerians prefer MTN tariff but as soon as Etisalat came up with a cheaper internet browsing tariff, some “MTN Loyal Customers” quickly switched to Etisalat. 
Even if you are a large successful company like MTN, you might not be able to offer literally every product or service that your customers can dream of, but with a solid content structure, you can make sure that your products meet their needs.

Here are 5 ways to make sure that your business keeps your customers coming back.
Be Relevant: As a brand you should be keeping up with your industry and its trends. If there are advances or even anticipated advances in your field, prepare for them. For example: If you have an email marketing company and you catch wind that Google is revamping how Gmail handles marketing messages, make sure you can adjust for that, or at least speak to it if an especially news-hungry client asks you about it. 
Be Honest: The concept of honesty is a good idea when dealing with customers. In multiple different directions you will agree that every business owners should follow the concept of honesty. If your company makes a mistake or something goes wrong, own it. Tell your customers what happened and what you’re doing to fix it. If you play dumb, your customers will drop you and will never return. If you are candid about the situation, you will gain their trust. They will see your company’s honesty about the bad things as a sign that you’ll be honest about everything else. Another aspect of honesty is in the way that you sell your product. You don’t have to list all of the things that it doesn’t do, but make sure you’re not making promises you can’t deliver. If you create correct expectations, your customers will know what to expect from your company and product or service and won’t be let down if you don’t deliver on false promises. 
Be Solution-oriented: Customer service is an extremely important part of building a successfully loyal customer base. People want to do business with some companies simply because they know that if anything goes wrong with their product, they’ll treat them with respect, no questions asked. Make sure that your customer service team is fast, friendly and has the tools and resources they need to give customers a resolution. Most complaining customers want to be heard and want something in return for their troubles. If you can give them that, you are much more likely to have a customer for life For example, some people fly Arik airline because they know that their customer service line is quick and helpful and when they need something fast they will be listened to. Even if their patience level is at zero Arik is always at 10.
Be Accessible: More than 70% of Internet users are accessing websites from a mobile device. Creating a web experience for your customers that translates well, no matter what device they’re using, is paramount for success. Imagine you post a link on social that directs to your website. Someone using a smart phone clicks on the link and lands on your homepage. However, your page isn’t responsive, so after a few seconds of frustrated pinching and scrolling, that potential customer abandons it. Instead, let your website be built in a custom, responsive framework. In this case, if one potential customer clicks the link on their iPhone, one on their laptop and another on their Android phone or Blackberry, they would all have a seamlessly beautiful user experience and greater potential to become loyal customers.
Offer Quality: Make sure you are offering a quality product or service. If you’re producing poor products and services, it doesn’t matter if you have the best customer service, the most responsive website and the most relevant communication. If your level of quality doesn’t match the price point, you have failed it.
You can’t pick and choose which of these 5 things you need to do in order to create a loyal customer base, you need all 5. You can’t be honest, but have poor quality. You can’t be solution-oriented without being relevant. Build and train your team around these principles and you will have a foolproof recipe for success. 
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