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8 Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing in Lagos, Nigeria

This is the digital age, and we have millions of businesses marketing their product and services on line, so how do you make your own business stand out online even among the millions without appearing “pushy”.  If you don’t know what you are doing, it can be a huge waste of marketing time and money. 

Your objective is to meet your customers’ needs with the content you share on social media, here are some dos and don’ts of social media, follow this tips and you will avoid some of the main social media pitfalls.

Social Media Dos 

Consider Timing When Posting and Post Frequently. Ensure your post have the good chance to be seen by your targeted audience by posting at the most effective times to receive higher level of social engagement. Post frequently but don’t over share. 

Complete Your Profiles. Make sure your profiles are branded, and they explain what service you provide, include a link to your website or how people can get in touch with you.

Develop a Plan. Flying blind without a social media plan or standards can set you up for failure. Without a plan, social media can quickly become a hindrance rather than the booster you intended it to be.

Engage Your Audience. Make sure your posts are interesting for audience, respond to questions and comments as timely as possible and keep your messages consistent with your brand’s identity.

Re-share Content. Social Media is all about Community, so re-share and engage with the content of others that are relevant to your audience, it’s a great way to build connections and show support to the business community you’re a part of.

Be Professional, Always. Be positive always as no one likes negativity on their social feed, it is not the place to air grievance. Always be professional, courteous and polite. 

Make Your Content Standout.  Variety is key when it comes to the types of content been shared, include a mix of images, blog posts, infographics, tips, authoritative content and videos.

Respect Your Audience. You’ve worked hard to build your audience so don’t let it go to waste by being rude or aggressive. Respond to people who have taken the time to keep in touch, always be positive and emphasize on your strengths rather than any weakness.

Social Media Don’ts 

Don’t Take Lack of Likes as a Failure. The fact that your business is getting impressions is enough to show that you are active and knowledgeable in the space, and keep you top of mind with customers.
Don’t Bite More Than You can Chew. Don’t waste time signing up on every social media platform, if you are not going to have time updating them regularly. Think about what’s important and what works for your business. 
Don’t Over market or Spam. Social media should be used to inform and show your expertise, not just to hard sell. Don’t overwhelm your feeds with too much information, carefully consider the content you are sharing and find more creative ways to show customers why you are great. 
Don’t Overdo the Hashtags. #nothing #is #more #annoying #than #having #every #word #in #an #update #hashtagged. 
Don’t Forget Your Spelling. Poor grammar and spelling turn customers off. Take your time and check your spellings well before posting on social media. 
Don’t forget to survey. You should be keeping an eye on your channels daily for comments, compliments and complaints so you can respond to them effectively.
Don’t Forget the Visuals. Research has shown that human beings are visual beings; we tend to remember more of what we see than what we read or hear. Don’t forget to put up some videos, posting of visual based content.  This will help drive interaction between you and customers. 
Don’t Share or Interact with Questionable Content. Think carefully about your business and what it stands for before you interact with controversial or questionable content. 

Take a long look at your social media strategy, change and add some things where necessary. Keep in mind that social media can either make or break your business. You want to use the strategies that will drive customers toward you and your business and make them come back for more.

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