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Mobile Advertising in Lagos. Nigeria.

With Mobile Billboard Advertising you can't turn the page, change the station, or switch to another channel. Some of the mobile advertising we have in Nigeria includes, Taxi Top Ad, Taxi Body Branding, BRT Bus Branding, Keke Napep  branding Etc.

The Right Place at the Right Time – Mobile Advertising will steer the message directly to the targeted market, capturing their attention when they are already out and about, shopping, or looking for entertainment. Novelty- Because this medium is so innovative, it will offer the client a unique way to gain the "wow" factor and attract both public and media interest.

Mobility- Unlike stationary billboards, Mobile billboards move. This movement, as well as bright colors and backlighting, will give the message an added dimension to attract your audience.

"Really There" - Unlike the Internet and other online media, which are remote and intangible, the beauty of Mobile Billboard Advertising is that it is firmly in the real world. Outdoor advertising can give your company a presence on the street-a public face. It's an excellent way to build two essential keys to successful advertising-familiarity and trust.

Control Factor - New research shows that consumers control messages by screening out some and selecting those that are relevant to them at that time. Your advertising can therefore be more effective if you can control when and in what situation the message is received. With Mobile Advertising, you can move your advertising exposure closer to the point of purchase, where the consumer is ready to buy.

Affordable Advertising Rates - Rates will be only a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising such as radio and TV, and our flexible options will make effective campaigns accessible to all advertisers with all budget levels.

The cost of Mobile Advertising is lower than other Outdoor Mediums because it is cooperative in nature. Compare the cost of Advertising with Radio, Print, Spot TV or billboards and you will agree that there is no one more affordable means.

The best use of boards is for image building and brand awareness.
Billboards are not cost effective for one time only sales or non-repeating special events. Most billboards are sold for a minimum of one month.

Using billboards is akin to TV, it can mean you have "arrived" as a formidable business. Billboards are image builders.

Make this cost effective and attention grabbing advertising part of your marketing plan.

Suppose you run a carpet store in an area visible from a major street or thoroughfare on the outskirts of a town. Every time someone drives past and sees your blank exterior wall, you've missed an opportunity to entice a customer into your store. People that drive by may not realize the variety of your inventory, the level of your service or the great value of your pricing.

The solution to this problem is obvious and very cost effective. Place a huge, outdoor mobile billboard or banner in front of the people that drive by. A switchable outdoor banner stays "visible and does not become part of the "media fog" like standard signs do.

The amount of business lost by not using this cost effective advertising solution is staggering. A banner facing oncoming traffic can make thousands of impressions a day on potential customers. Outdoor mobile billboards or banners are usually considered temporary signage and often don't require obtaining a sign permit. Inquire with your local government.

Outdoor mobile billboards and huge banners are not limited to boring text. A banner can be filled with eye-catching colors and images.

Whether you a promoting a product, service, or event, the opportunities for an attention grabbing, cost effective outdoor mobile billboard or banner advertising are massive.

Grab the attention of potential customers and spread awareness of your product, service or event by placing an outdoor mobile billboards or banner on a highly trafficked streets

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