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Newspaper advertising in Lagos is a valuable marketing tool that helps businesses reach their target audience. Even in this modern age of multiple advertising channels where people get their news from different sources making it seem as though newspaper advertising isn't as effective as it once was. This doesn't mean newspaper ads won’t be effective but it means newspaper advertising needs to be planned and done more strategically.
Newspaper advertising is one of the oldest methods of advertising available to companies of all sizes and budgets, whether small scale, medium scale or large scale businesses, and it can still be extremely effective when utilized and applied properly
Some types of ads will be more effective than others. It will depend on your target audience, the type of products you offer and where the ad is seen.
The various types of newspaper adverts are Display ads, Classified ads, Spotlight ads, Business Card ads and Circular ads.

Here are some of the major advantages of Newspaper Advertising:
·        Target Market Reach: Newspaper offers one of the widest reach of any mass medium, Top of FormBottom of Forman average issue of a daily or weekly newspaper reaches and is seen by more adults in Lagos.  It can also reach people who otherwise have little access to other media e.g. TV, radio or cell phones. 

·        Immediacy: Newspapers have immediacy and urgency in the sense that an advertiser can place an ad on Monday and be getting results before the week is over. Short deadlines permit quick responses to changing market conditions.

·        Impact and effectiveness: Newspaper advertising has over time proven its effectiveness; it’s no doubt most readers look for and forward to adverts in newspapers.  In fact, some consumers  buy newspapers just to read the ads from the restaurants, movies and discount stores and to search for job vacancies, especially the Tuesday and Thursday edition of the guardian newspaper.
·        Convenient Placement: Newspaper companies offer their readers a variety of platforms to choose from in which to receive their news and advertising content.  Readers highly value the ability to consume newspapers in the format that is most convenient and useful depending on the time and place. As an advertiser you can reach certain segments of your market by placing your ads in different sections of the paper such as sports, comics, crosswords, news, classifieds, etc. Production changes can be made quickly, if necessary, a new insert can be added on short notice.
·        Local Coverage: Another strong advantage of newspaper advertising is that it offers a variety of ways to capture the attention of a particular target audience. It could be newspaper readers of demographic group that advertisers are looking to reach.

·        Repetition: Repetition is an advantage of newspaper that has also proven a vital element of effective advertising. An ad can be viewed as many times as possible. Newspaper is good for repeat exposure. The printed advertising message has both permanence and desired obsolescence. A reader can refer back to, or even clip and save, a particular ad, yet tomorrow’s edition is new and fresh and as eagerly sought by the same reader. People have time to study the ad for all of its details and can even go back and look at it several times if necessary.
·        Communication: Newspaper ads have the ability to communicate lengthy, complex and detailed information and descriptions.
·        Flexibility and timeliness: Newspapers offer flexibility in content, design, placement and frequency. Plus, newspapers are a “rapid response” medium – you can refine your message or change your whole campaign in just two days. Newspapers allow advertisers the flexibility to choose the size and content of their messages and the ability to change the nature of ads from day to day.

·    Consistent Placement Strategies: Newspaper advertising effectiveness depends on an individual ad’s appearance, as well as how often the reader views that ad. Advertisers increase visibility by running ads at least once per week in the same section for at least two months. This strategy keeps the advertiser in front of his market and builds credibility with the reading public. The ad should ideally run in the same position.

·        Budget/Cost: It offers a great variety of ad sizes. If you don’t have a large budget or run a small scale business, you can still place a series of small ads. Also many options are available. Full page, half page, quarter page, with graphics; black and white; or full color etc.

Here are some of the newspapers in Lagos, Nigeria that advertisers can run ads on: The Guardian Newspaper, The Vanguard Newspaper, Punch Newspaper, The Sun Newspaper, BusinessDay Newspaper, Daily Trust Newspaper, and This Day Newspaper.

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