Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Benefits of Using Direct Mail to Advertise your Business in Nigeria

Often times than not Direct mails gets dismissed as junk mail nevertheless it is one of the most reliable and recognized types of direct campaigning. Direct mail marketing can help attract positive attention of potential customers in an effective and profitable way possible especially in Nigeria.

Using Direct mail as a marketing tool can be as effective as using TV or newspaper especially for small scale companies with low budget. Direct mail also provides giant companies with the ability to target defined markets with specialized offers.

Direct mail encompasses a wide variety of marketing materials, including brochures, catalogs, postcards, newsletters and sales letters.
Using direct mail has quite a number of attractive advantages and here are some of them;

·        Focus on your Target Audience: With direct mail you can focus solely on interested and prospective clients, in the sense that you can target recipients very precisely. It allows you to specifically tell your target audience the reason your product or services is the best and how best you can meet their needs. Provided you have a quality mailing list, you can choose and send direct mail to particular zip codes, age, income, interest, religious group etc.

·        Direct Response: With Direct mail, you get direct response and can protect against overwhelming response. For instance, if you run a TV or print advertisement, you can't know the amount of responses you will get. But Direct mail allows you to monitor and control who receives your message, when it's delivered, and how many people you reach. Especially for a small company with small staff strength, a powerful response to an ad can be even more disastrous than no response at all, since a poor reaction to a prospect's response will likely damage your relationship even before it's began. With direct mail, you can start out with a modest size mailing to study the response and make sure you can handle it expeditiously

·        Personal: Unlike other forms of advertising, in which you're never sure just who's getting your message, direct mail lets you communicate one on one with your target audience. Direct mail has proven to be a more personal way to reach potential and existing customers, and it encourages businesses to build a relationship with their customers.

·        Integrated: Direct mail will complement television, radio and newspaper campaigns. For example, a television commercial can raise awareness about a new product but coupons sent to prospective customers can lead to direct sales. Same goes for newspaper advertising. Direct mailing can help take your customers from brand awareness to the point of purchase. And, if you’re selling online or building your social media presence, your mail can easily supply a discount code for online use or offer rewards to customers who visits your website.

·        Track Your Success: You can track and measure your success with direct mail; with Direct mail you can directly count how many people use their coupons, for instance. To make the best use of direct mail marketing, businesses can purchase data append services to update and provide more information to their existing prospect or customer lists. They also can purchase mailing lists relevant to the types of people they are looking to sell to in order to best target prospects in the area.  You can also use online discount codes, customized email addresses or phone numbers so you customers can choose the way they get in touch with you.

·        Cost Effective: Additionally, direct mail advertising is cost effective. Companies can easily design colorful or creative brochures with their computers and desktop software and have thousands of copies sent to prospective clients.

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