Monday, August 29, 2016

The need to always advertise your business in Lagos, Nigeria

Many business owners or managers are always asking questions, questions like what is the need for advertisement, or how can advertising improve their business, why should they spend huge amount of money advertising, etc.

Advertisement is basically a form of marketing communication used to promote and sell a business, product or service through various means such as direct mail, print, radio, television, internet etc.

Advertising is an essential tool for any business growth/success. Over the years most companies in Nigeria have profited and are still profiting from advertising.

The truth is no matter how great or awesome your product or service is if you don’t advertise, it won’t gain a wide audience. And for a business to have massive sale it has to reach its target market.

However, here are some reasons why businesses should always advertise in Lagos;

  •         Generate awareness and boost sales: Advertising creates business awareness and increase sales by telling and persuading potential customers about your product or services
  •        Information: Advertising provides business information such as your contact details and website address, office address etc.
  •         Product change or advancement: Advertising informs customers about changes to your service, new product launches and improvements.
  •      Short term sales: It boost your short-term sales with a specific message, informing people of a special offer or promo or even a particular benefit of your product
  •       Call to action: Advertisement prompts specific action, it gets customers to visit your premises or website, or use a discount by a specified time
  •      Reminder: Advertisement also serves as a reminder to past and existing customers about your business.
  •       Positivity: It changes people's attitudes, opinion and perceptions of your business or brand for good.
  •         Unique selling point: Advertisement basically helps to create or develop a distinctive brand for your business to help you stand out from your competitors; it helps create your unique selling point. (USP)
  •         Gives an edge: Advertisement technically put your brand in people’s face, thus making your business or product first choice for customers ahead of your competitors
  •         Market position: It helps your business develop a particular market niche or position;
  •         Educating: Advertisement also educates the public by informing, updating, or persuading the public to engage in or avoid current issues, some which are oriented on a non-profit basis. Usually encouraging the people on modern social, political, religious, or consumer-based issues.
  •         Recruit staff: Most companies also use advertisement to announce job vacancy and for recruitment
  •         Source suppliers and contractors: Advertising also helps to position your business as active and expanding with your suppliers, contractors or sponsors.

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Lilian Izuorah
Business Development Officer
PoiseMedia Communications Ltd

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