Monday, September 5, 2016

Basic things to know before starting your advertising campaign in Lagos, Nigeria

Business managers in Nigeria have come to realize that Advertising is an essential tool for sales, profit improvement and business growth in general. As such time, efforts, and money is put out on a regular basis in order to create good ad campaigns.
The main purpose of any advertising campaign is to cost - effectively reach the largest audience as possible and attract new customers.  This is why having a strategically planned advertising campaign is important as to avoid loop holes and most importantly so it can be done correctly.
Advertising is a great investment for any business (big or small), but if done badly can become a tragedy.
So let’s take a look at some of the important things you need to know before starting your ad campaign in Lagos;

  • Know how to target the right audience: Your advertising campaign should be focused towards your niche market. It is strongly advised not create a random or a nonspecific ad messages that are not directed to your potential customers or ads that won’t or grab their attention. As a marketer or business manager you should always ask yourself what kind of customers do you want to attract, what gender, what demographics, what age group and so on. That way you can create ads that speaks to them directly or and on a personal level.

  • Use the right media: Carry out a thorough research on the target market you are trying to reach. That way you can understand who they are, what they like, their dislikes, their favorite TV shows, radio programs, their preferred magazine/newspaper, best social media platforms and so on. This will enable you run your adverts in the right and appropriate media which will make it certain that you reach the right audience.

  • Use varied media: Advertising is an investment as such it is recommended not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Spread your advertising around by choosing a variety of suitable media for your audience and budget.

  • Make sure to emphasize on your competitive advantage: One of the key elements to all advertising is to accentuate the advantages your product has. In other words, always lay emphasizes on what makes your brand unique, those factors that gives you a competitive edge over similar products.  Too many ads in Nigeria are good but most times fail to sell the specific benefits or proposition of the featured product. Try as much as possible to always highlight these benefits or your advert will deliver no value to potential customers.

  • Know how to form a good company Image with your ad campaign:  There are plenty of products or brands in Nigeria you will recognize by just seeing their packaging, color or logo. Take for instance, over the years MTN Telecommunications has been known for their yellow color branding, while green color has always been for Etisalat Telecommunications. The fact is image counts when it comes to advertising and promoting a business. Too many advertisers do not make it mandatory to build a consistent image, forgetting that consistency is key, hence missing the chance to make an impression on prospective customers.

  • Don’t try to please everyone: Yes, you want an appealing product in the market but have in mind that no product or service will appeal to everyone. Many business owners try to come up with ways to reach the entire market. However, this might not work, especially for growing businesses with low budgets. Simply find your niche market and be everything you can be to that audience.

  • Test Your Ads in advance: Create time to test your ads on other people before starting the main campaign. You have to know if people understand and accept the message you are trying to convey. If yes then you can kick it off but if not, get insight into how you could communicate your message more effectively.

  • Monitoring/ keeping track of your advertising Campaign:  Ask new clients where they heard about you. It is a major score for you as a business person to understand which elements of your advert are most effective and which media offer the most profitable advertising.

  • Money breeds money: The truth is successful advertising cost money. That is why I always encourage business managers/advertisers to do a thorough market research, planning etc. before embarking on the advertising journey because when an advertisement is done right it will definitely attract new customers and drive sales which will eventually lead to a successful business. 

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Business Development Officer
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