Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Why you should include Mobile Billboard ad strategy in your Marketing Campaign in Lagos, Nigeria

Mobile billboard advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising in Lagos, Nigeria. It is a major means of putting your product or services directly in front your customer’s face.  It is also an effective way to generate name or brand recognition.

Business owners are constantly faced with the challenge of getting more customers and ways on how to increase business sales, that is why it is essential to use the right and varied marketing tools to create awareness.

All businesses whether large or small can benefit from Mobile billboard advertising.

Mobile Billboards are used for sales, grand opening, shows expos, sports events, seasonal promo, political messages, concerts, movies & amp; theatre, product launches, brand awareness, religious events and so much more.

Some basic features of Mobile Billboard ad are;

  • Can’t be flipped or changed: With Mobile billboard ad no one can flip the page, switch to another station or turn it off. And with it at right place and at the right time mobile advertising will steer the message directly to the targeted audience, capturing their attention when they are already out and about, shopping, or looking for entertainment.

  • Mobility: As the name implies. Mobile billboard is always on the move, unlike stationary billboards. 

  • Attractive: Mobile billboards are always designed by graphics designers with bright colors, captivating caption and back-lighting in other to gain people’s attention. This usually gives the advert an added dimension to attract your audience.

  • Trust and familiarity: It's an excellent way to build two essential keys to successful advertising; it can also give your company a presence on the street-a public face. 

  • Control factor: Most consumers control messages by screening out some and selecting those that are relevant to them at that time. Your advertising can therefore be more effective if you can control when and in what situation the message is received. With Mobile billboard ad, you can move your advertising exposure closer to the point of purchase, where the consumer is ready to buy.

  • Affordable Advertising Rates: it is quite cheaper compared to other traditional advertising such as radio and TV, and the flexible options will make effective campaigns accessible to all advertisers with all budget levels.

Some of the commonly used mobile advertising medium in Nigeria includes, Taxi Top Ad, Taxi Body Branding, Transits (BRT) Bus Branding, Tricyle “Keke Napep” branding, cooperate bus branding.

Grab the attention of potential customers and optimize your brand visibility using an outdoor mobile billboard strategy.

If you are thinking of advertising in Nigeria, please contact PoiseMedia Communications at www.poisemedianigeria.com or check our contact at the bottom of this blog. We can help you identify your market and reach them. We apply both BTL and ATL strategies to project our clients’ brands to the right audience. We can do same for you at very affordable price.

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Business Development Officer
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