Monday, September 19, 2016

Creating Brand Awareness in the Nigerian Market

What is Brand Awareness? According to Wikipedia “Brand awareness is the extent to which a brand is recognized by potential customers and is correctly associated with a particular product

Brand awareness is all about positioning, perception, value, visibility, image, acceptance and brand equity. Research has shown that a large percentage of Nigerians feel very comfortable buying a product they are well familiar with.

In other words, for a business to stay constantly visible and relevant in the market, it is primarily important for organizations to focus on creating and maintaining brand awareness.

Here are few ideas to put into considerations when creating brand awareness for your business;

  • Goal Definition: For any marketing campaign it is important to identify from the beginning what you hope to gain. Goals clearly defined would help shape the strategy and provide guidelines for what to measure. Also making the proper marketing and media research will also give you a head start.
  • Market Maneuvering: Gaining brand awareness requires “overtaking” yes, it is only normal that there are other competitive products in that same market, so market maneuvering includes the effective use of variety of tools. Tools like People, technology and media, most importantly the media because these three tools have been considered very essential for market maneuvering.
  • Brand culture: To create brand awareness it’s important for organizations to consider internal brand culture, brand image, brand slogan, and brand taglines. Brand culture expresses the system and process that an organization uses to coordinate its brand activities. Brand image is about the logo. Brand slogan is the advertising phrase, and brand tagline is a word that is associated with the brand. A careful combination of this four brand awareness mix would help organizations structure and pursue lines of activities both internally and externally to help give their products the best visibility. The higher a brand is being promoted, the more the customers get aware and in turn, sales are activated. Product packaging and uniqueness of your offerings should be one that constantly propels your target consumer to stay with your brand. These are the things that should be considered in other to gain your market share.
  • Categorization and Distinctiveness: Analysis of product and product distinct feature would help you define which category of consumer fits the description of the product introduced. Taking considerable amount of time to outline the distinctive features of your product and the customer that fits consumption of such product would help you target, reach and keep your market. A typical example is Coca cola, the shape and size is quite different from other beverages.
  • Language and style: Your language should be able to communicate to your target audience. Your language should hold meaning and be communicable. Your language should also be able to engage your audience.
  • Product introduction style: For product introduction, the location and the medium must fit. Each community of consumer has common reason to change their consumption and stick to a new one. It is your responsibility to find reason for consumer to shift their brand and use it as an advantage.
  • Invite people to participate: Employees, friends, family and the communities of your consumers should get involved in the process of brand promotion. What you represent should get people talking. Make them understand the brand promise you want to fulfill. Then get their opinions, suggestions and ideas on how to improve your brand awareness yea, “because no man knows it all.”
  • Measurement: Finally, you can measure the result of your brand awareness program by knowing who is talking about your product. See if the people have embraced your product or services, see what they are saying, (positive or negative) about it. You can go to the market, or on any social media like twitter, Facebook etc.

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