Friday, October 7, 2016

8 Challenges of Managing Your own Facebook Advertising in Lagos, Nigeria

From a far angle, Facebook advertising seems straightforward and easy. You feel it’s a simple create and post the ads. But the truth is that Facebook advertising requires a level of expertise and strategizing that not all business owners understand.

Most times it’s tempting for business owners to take charge of their own Social media marketing campaign, because they feel it is easy. When you try to manage your own Facebook ads, you risk creating a number of issues that can make your campaign less successful and less profitable.

Here are 8 challenges of managing your own Facebook ad hence why you need an expert to handle your Facebook ad campaign;

  • Not Understanding Facebook’s Rules: Facebook has quite a number of rules that tell you what kinds of content you can mention in your ad, how you can use Facebook’s name in your ads, how much text your ads can contain, and so forth. Failing to follow these rules can mean that your ad will be rejected by Facebook. Many businesses, however, fail to read these rules and struggle to run a successful campaign as a result.
  • Not Targeting the right Audience:  One of the most important aspects of a successful Facebook advertising campaign is getting your ad in front of your target audience. Take For instance, if your regular customer is a 20 -30 year old female living in Lagos, you need to make sure your Facebook ads appear on the accounts of women who fit into this profile. In addition, you need to make sure that your ad is appealing to these women. Unfortunately, many businesses accidentally target the wrong audience. Or, just as bad, they fail to set any parameters for where their Facebook ads appear.
  • Not Tracking Conversions or Click through Rates:  Some business owners don’t keep track of conversions. They don’t realize how important tracking is and some don’t even know how to go about it. Without keeping track of the response your Facebook ads get, you have no way of knowing how successful your campaign is or its impact.
  • Not having a Website Link: How will Facebook users to learn more about your business if they don’t they know how to find your website. Most FB users will want to access your website by clicking on your ad. If you fail to include a website link in your advertisement, you are going to lose most of the people who might be interested in your business.
  • Lack of images: Images are the key instrument for a successful Facebook ad. They are the first things to catch the Facebook user’s eye, and are usually the reason so many users will click on the ad. That is why it is important to use a variety of images per advertisement. Without a number of different pictures, it is harder to reach a broad enough audience. With the right number of images, you can enjoy as much interest and response from your target audience as possible.
  • Failing to Conduct A/B Testing: Due to their messages, pictures, or designs, different Facebook ads will get different responses. One of the problems we encounter with companies that try to manage their own Facebook ads is a failure to test different ads to find out which one will get the best response. As a result, they miss out on business they could have earned with a better ad.
  • Not Dedicating Enough Time: Just like any other advertising strategy, Facebook advertising takes time. You cannot simply create and post an ad. You need to do research to identify your target audience. You need to conduct A/B testing to select the most effective ads. You need to track the response to your ads. Many companies fail to dedicate the time necessary to complete all of these steps. As a result, they target the wrong audience, run ineffective ads, or fail to track the response to their campaigns.
  • Leaving the hyperlink in the text: While it is important to include a link to your website in your Facebook ads, you do not need to leave a hyperlink in the text. Doing so makes your ad look less professional.

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