Monday, October 10, 2016

5 Ways to Blend Your advertising and Boost Sales in Lagos, Nigeria

There are different marketing techniques most business managers fail to utilize. These techniques are at your disposal and can be very effective if done properly. Yes, it is important to make certain your brand stays on top of the market ladder while using marketing tools like Print ad, Broadcast ad Billboards etc., but there are also some basic marketing tools you are probably overlooking that if utilized well can amount to a positive results.
Constantly, business managers search for innovative and efficient marketing strategy for their business growth and expansion, which is why it’s important to explore all the marketing techniques. 
Use these 5 simple techniques to blend your business advertising in a way that will build new leads and boosts your sales in Lagos, Nigeria;

  • Content Marketing: You should always offer relevant and useful content to help your customers. Most people prefer to search online every time to research and find answers to product/services. When they do so, you are expected to have had a well-written article on your website waiting to answer their questions. The main focus of your content should always be on providing useful advice and how your product or service solves the problem in question.
  • Include memorable contact points on your print materials:  All forms of print advertising are very still very effective, whether through opt-in direct mail marketing or your company sales literature and business cards. The difference now is that most people want an easy to remember contact point to dig a little deeper into your company when they have more time. To that end, your print marketing should always include short, sharp ways to follow up with you. A memorable URL, short link, telephone number and Twitter handle are all good reminders for potential customers to reconnect with your business.
  • Use broadcast media to drive online engagement:  Marketers still Television and radio media because they are still popular and effective and can reach mass audiences. Blended marketing can take that value a step further, however, by encouraging viewers and listeners to call, visit your website, or connect with you on a chosen social network. Once you have an online presence that captures customer information effectively, using a broadcast ad to connect with that system to a larger audience is a smart marketing move.
  • Add a vanity number to online display ads: Although the focus is always on click through rates when it comes to online ads, don’t forget that the impressions number is far larger.
  • Add ‘click to call’ links on your mobile site or app: The gap between a click and a call is completely bridged by smartphones, where the always-on connection allows potential customers to switch from web browsing to business inquiry in a matter of seconds. Make sure that your mobile marketing is in shape to take advantage of this, including calls to action that focus heavily on calling your company.

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Business Development Officer
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