Friday, November 18, 2016

Is Newspaper still an effective advertising tool in Lagos, Nigeria

Social media and Internet marketing has since been making traditional methods of marketing (especially print) fall by the wayside. The question now is if print advertising is still an effective advertising tool.
Many ad mangers are wondering if newspaper is still a worthy investment because everywhere you look, there is talk of using the Internet as a marketing tool and while social media and online advertising are undeniably effective, it still isn’t the only method of marketing out there. Print advertising is still well and alive for a variety of reasons.

Over the past years, whenever something new comes up, people assume it will wipe out previous techniques. For example, when television appeared, many thought radio would be gone forever. In some cases, it does work this way, but when it comes to marketing, the more people you can reach, the better. That means that print marketing can still be very effective.
While newspaper marketing still exists, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any downsides to this method. In fact, since social media and online advertising can be very cheap or even free, many business owners don’t even consider the more expensive means of advertising anymore.
Another issue with print marketing is that many younger people will look online rather than in the Yellow Pages or a newspaper.
Here are two major reasons why newspaper is still an effective ad tool;
Professionalism: Despite the cost, there are some serious benefits to having your business appear in a newspaper. First, it still conveys a certain level of professionalism, something that isn’t always evident online where everyone can pay little to get their ad on a decent website. If you want to be respected, print is still one of the higher quality mediums, simply because of the price. This is one reason you might want to consider it. People will look at your business differently than they would online. 
Targeted audience: Newspaper tends to target a very specific audience, which means your ad will reach plenty of people who are more likely to be interested in your products and services. Take for instance; it is very unlikely to see anyone under the age of 30 reading the newspaper in print, since they can read it online. So if your audience is over 30-35, you should consider ads in newspapers because it is still an excellent way to reach any target market. While some are available online, most people still prefer to read them in paper versions. 
Print advertising may not be as popular with some businesses these days, but it is still a very useful method of promotion. Your best option is to use a combination of both online and print marketing, to reach as many people as possible in as many ways as you can.

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