Saturday, March 26, 2011


Just when you thought you've seen it all, then a new one is introduced. This is election period in Nigeria and candidates are looking for innovative ways to outdo one another. They have almost exhausted all forms of advertising known to them such as, Outdoor billboards, LED screen, BRT Bus branding, Radio, TV, Newspapers, Posters, Fliers, Road show campaign and so many others. However, very few of them then ask, what has no one ever used...then the idea of the Mobile LED Screen came to play. This technology is new and different, very few own it in Nigeria. So, this idea is not just for political campaign, it can also be used for product and service launch etc.
There are several benefits of mobile LED trucks such as...
  • LED video screens are easily viewed in daytime conditions.
  • It can be easily setup, no matter the location or distance.
  • It can be used for multiple function such as touring events with multiple locations (a political rally or a music concert), product or service launch etch.
  • The size dimension is 7.37sqm ( W3.84m by H1.92m) LED screen
  • The screen is Dual sided (LED screen on both sides), which makes the coverage wider.
  • The screen can elevates up to 6ft from bed of truck.
  • The screen is all weather proof LED screen.
  • And Last but not the least, sound option is available, so it is audio visual display.
  • They are quite expensive to hire.
  • The maintenance is high.
  • There are very few in Nigeria, so you have to book like a month ahead.
So if you are ever considering the Mobile Led truck is Nigeria for campaign, please think of us. Contact us today for advice and enquiry.

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