Thursday, April 7, 2011


Riding BRT Buses in Lagos will NEVER be the same experience in Lagos as LED televisions are now positioned in the buses. I wrote earlier on my blog on a part of the effort of the Lagos State Government to improve lives of the dwellers, the government has introduces a new system of transportation by luxurious buses popularly known as the BRT bus system. The government introduced over five hundred buses (500) all over Lagos in blue and red colours and they are both ran by two private companies. I mentioned how advert placed on the buses is changing the outdoor advertising world in Lagos state and generating more funds for the transport companies apart from the regular funds generated by transporting Lagosians. For more on advertising on BRT bus in Lagos State, please read http://victorariyibi.blogspot.com/2010/04/bus-branding-and-advertising-in-lagos.html/.
As a part of the effort from the bus company to improve lives further, LED Screen TV are now being introduced inside these buses, running the most popular music channel (Sound City) in Nigeria on these bus network. These screens engage people in the bus never like before, however in the middle of these music entertainment, an advert would ‘buzz in’ unannounced. This is amazing for the advertisers because at least thirty thousand (30,000) people are sure to see the Ad each day.
This new amazing innovative advertising platform gives advertisers a broader reach within the Lagos metropolis area, and this low cost advertising medium gets advertisers closer to the target audience within minutes of entering these buses. Lagos has a population of over fifteen million people (15,000,000), over thirty thousand (30,000) people use these BRT buses every day.

Benefits of Using the BRT Bus TV Network
  • This medium captivates the attention of passengers in a comfortable and alert state of mind.
  • It is a great value for your campaign because you can incorporate visual and sound.
  • The replay of advertisements, promotions or campaigns, 2,800 times daily all through a network of 50 LAGBUS buses on a daily 14hours/day shift will make it impossible for passengers to miss your ad.
  • The network has partnered with Soundcity Music Channel to play music videos as a form of entertainment for passengers which makes it even more captivating.
  • Over 70% of Lagosians make use of public service transport, and because the BRT is cheap and fast, passengers will consider BRT for their journey before considering other alternative form of public transportation in Lagos State.

  • There are limited BRT buses compared to the population of Lagos State, so you will still be reaching a limited number of people.
  • You will be reaching more of the middle class, and a lot of the lower class, because the upper class drives their own cars in Lagos State.
  • The BRT buses have a limited numbers of road networks compared to other commercial buses.
If you are ever considering placing advert in these BRT buses using the LED screen TV, please contact us to help you achieve this. Good luck in your advertising campaign.

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