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Below the line advertising is an advertising strategy in which a product is promoted in mediums other than radio, television, billboards, print, film and the internet. Types of below the line advertising commonly used in Nigeria include handbills, Tele-maketing, email, bulk sms, experiential marketing, websites & online banners, trade shows, social media, electronic mail and posters; this advertising type tends to be less expensive and more focused.
The below the line ad method has a lot of credit to its system because in an unusual way it stand out of all the known methods of adverts used here in Nigeria. Here are some of the many advantages you get from using BTL to advertise your product…

It is highly measurable
The strategy gives advertisers valuable insights into their return-on-investment. This insight can then be used to plan your nest campaign to your audience and then tailor your message based on the feedback received.
The results of a below the line advertising campaign can be much easier to measure than results from a traditional media campaign involving TV and radio. Direct marketing responses and sales are easier to track because the contact with the consumer is more obvious. Companies might also find some benefit of not paying commission to an ad agency, which the agency charges by acting as a "middle-man" between you and the large media outlet. This can potentially create a greater profit margin if the results of the campaign are good.

It builds and sustains lasting customer relationship
Effective application of this strategy enable you to establish a long lasting relationship with your clients. Your customers respond more positively when you contact them directly via BTL channels. This also makes it easier for the business to link sales to specific marketing actions. Even more importantly, by communicating directly with a customer, your business has the chance to engage in a productive conversation where the employee can offer ideas, make criticisms and help the business improve, combining customer service and marketing research with sales.

It is trendy
Several technologies have made below-the-line marketing easier in recent years. Mobile communication through smart phones that allow access to documents, instant messaging and business applications make it very easy for sales people to develop connections to customers in the field. Social media give businesses the ability to meet with customers on the social level and exchange digital messages to help build awareness and respond to specific questions or concerns.

Very effective and result oriented
According to Geoff Lancaster, a marketing professional from the UK, below the line advertising promotions are becoming a more essential part of the communication mix of every company, and as people continue to get more habituated to traditional above the line techniques, this trend will continue. What this means is that more interaction-based advertising such as exhibitions and sponsorship activities, which are all growing in popularity, will continue an upward trend into the advertising field.

It is cost effective
Below-the-line marketing efforts may be potentially more cost effective and provides you with the opportunities to use more sophisticated marketing approaches in comparison to mass media-based approaches. This approach is far cheaper and effective when compared with conventional advertising strategies like TV, Radio, and Newspaper.

If you are thinking of using below the line (BTL) advertising strategy to promote your product and services, we can help you identify your market and reach them. We apply both BTL and ATL strategies to project our clients’ brands to the right audience. We can do same for you at very affordable price. Contact us today for your advertising campaign using BTL, good luck in your advertising campaign.

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