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Creating a unique brand name for your company or product is a crucial step in brand building. A unique name distinguishes your brand from other competitive or related brands. You want your customers to instantly remember your name and brand even if they’ve only heard it once. So your name should not just be unique but intriguing as well.

Here are some tips to help you successfully create a unique and catchy brand name;

•    Simplicity: Keep it brief and concise. Avoid alphabet soup; names that are composed of initials are meaningless. They most times get lost in the marketplace clutter; one word brands are most effective. Lengthy, multiple word names lead to truncation. When people abbreviate your name, you lose control over your brand. It must be communicated, pronounceable, recognizable and easily remembered

•    Distinguish: The biggest mistake some companies make in creating a brand name is being too descriptive with their names. A name should not attempt to simply describe; it should have the ability to suggest the essence (the unique characteristics) of your company or organization. Remember, don't describe but rather distinguish.

•    Internet/web friendly: In this digital age, it’s crucial for businesses to leverage on the power of the World Wide Web to flourish. Therefore, companies have to ensure that their brand name is “web-friendly”. A “web-friendly” brand name should make in the sense that the name can be put on the web with Internet users having few issues finding and accessing it to gain information about the business.

•    Positive brand name: Use a name that will give an idea of what your brand is all about.Take for instance, you have a clothing line, your name should sound fashionable in relation to your target audience.Just from hearing your brand name people should be able to guess what your brand is all about. Your brand name should also project quality and standard.

•    Avoid using trending words: Don’t go with trends when choosing a name; they tend to fade over time.Picture this,“shoki” a song and dance step is trending right now, so you name your hotel or restaurant “shoki”.Then what happens when “shoki” becomesoutdated; your brand name becomes outdated aswell.Avoid using trending events or items when choosing a name. Instead, you should pick something evergreen, a name that would stand out and would always be remembered.

•    Logo: The logo of a company should be identifiable with the brand name. A visual memory of the brand name should be associated with the logo to complement the linguistic memory of the brand name.

•    Do not limit your brand: The world is a global village and youmight not have considered from the start that your business might need to expand into other regions, so limiting your business or services to a specific geographical location isn’t advisable. For example, your business starts off in Enugu, so you decide to name your brand “Enugu”;that might make expanding into “Imo” a challenge or just discourage international customers from patronizing you.

•    Translation: There are many words in our great language that can mean very different things in other cultures. You should also ensure that any word you use in your business name doesn’t have detrimental meaning in another culture. A friend of mine once said he stopped eating from a canteen after he realized that the translation of the canteen’s name means dirty in his native language. So always investigate thoroughly.

•    Registration & Trademarking: Thoroughly investigate potential brand names to avoid legal issues. Investigate if the name is already registered or in use by another company or organization. And if no, make sure your brand name is trademarked by being registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C.). A brand name can make or break a business, choose a weak, unmemorable name and even a revolutionary product can flop.

•    Sample some ideas to potential clients: Sample few different name choices and try them out on potential customers, investors, and co-workers, Ask questions about the names to see their reaction to it. Avoid your family and friends because they might not give you an honest response.

•    Use professional help: Really, your brand name is very important and it’s one of the most important decisions you would make regarding your business. Nevertheless it can be the toughest task especially for people who are new in the business. Therefore, you should not hesitate to get professional help.

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