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Choosing an effective advertising strategy for your business in Lagos, Nigeria

Determining what advertising strategy to use for your brand is one crucial and important aspect of business growth and management. An advertising strategy is a campaign developed to communicate ideas about products and services to potential consumers in the hopes of persuading and convincing them to buy those products and services.

If money were no issue, it would be easy to decide which advertising medium to go with, youprobably would go with all butunfortunately, the reality is that even with a large advertising budget, it is a challenge to create memorable advertising.

So unless you have truck full of money, it is advisable you go with the most effective and efficient medium. Especially for small scale businesses with limited resources and is unable to devote much money as a big corporationor organization. Notwithstanding a highly effective advertising campaign can still be developed,the key is creative and flexible planning, based on an indepth knowledge of the target consumer and the avenues that can be utilized to reach the consumers.

These three elements should always be put into consideration when choosing an effective advertising strategy...

This is a complex combination of persons. It includes the person who ultimately buys the product, as well as those who decide what product will be bought and those who influence product purchases, such as children, spouse, friendsandneighbors etc. In order to identify the target consumer, and the forces acting upon any purchasing decision, it is important to define three general Age, gender, job, income, ethnicity, and hobbies.When considering the consumers behavior an advertiser need to examine the consumers awareness of the business and its competition, the type of vendors and services the consumer currently uses, and the types of appeals that are likely to convince the consumer to give the advertiser's product or service a chance.An advertiser must also determine their needs and desires, both in practical terms,self-image and the kind of message that will convince the consumer that the advertiser's services or products can fulfill those needs.

THE BUDGET                                                                                                                                                                                                       Deciding how much you want to spend requires you estimating how much you have been spending for previous advert campaigns, also requires you knowing what your competitors are doing, knowing if they are advertising heavily, or if a new competing product is launched etc. so as to know if you need to match their activities or fight off the competition to achieve customer awareness.Also deciding what media you can afford, if you are considering a brand building investment,e.g. short term sales drive or long term awareness, you need to know what advertising is worth to you and your business. How effective do you want or expect? Check that your budget is realistic etc.Examine advertising rates for different sizes and types of advertisements, and different positions.

Identify your segment of the market and decide which media best reach your target audience, since media is broad, make observations like, knowing where your competitors advertise, how many members of your target group read a particular publication or visit a certain website and how often they visit the website. The different types of media categories from which advertisers can choose include;
Print: Newspapers(weekly and daily) and magazines
Outdoor advertising: Billboards,  ads on public transportation like cabs, buses, taxi, BRT Bus, handbill etc.
Audio: FM and AM radio
Video: Promotional videos, infomercials
World Wide Web/internet
Direct mail

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