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Advantages of Magazine Advertising in Lagos, Nigeria

The magazine medium’s essential strength lies in the active way in which readers choose and use their magazines. Magazines are an active medium, with the reader in control. Readers become deeply engaged with their magazines. As a result of a strong relationship, a bond of trust grows up between the reader and his or her chosen magazines. Reading a favourite magazine is like talking with a friend.

A reader’s identification with an engaging magazine can go well beyond the simple provision of information and ideas. When a magazine strikes a chord it can reinforce the reader’s own self-image. Readers give commitment to their magazines. The time spent reading is substantial, and the copies are read thoroughly. Copies tend to be read repeatedly, often picked up more than once in a day. The magazine industry in Nigeria has recorded significant growth and more magazines are coming out.

Here are some of the advantages of advertising in Magazines in Nigeria
Specific targeted audience: Magazines are generally issued weekly or  monthly depending on what the focus of the magazine is, could be fashion, politics, sports, entertainment, articles, literature,  or even an in-house magazine and the class of people who read them vary and thus placing an ad on a particular type of magazine attracts just your particular target consumers… An example is the Genevieve Magazine that deals mostly on women, fashion and life style etc, so if your product or brand is like a sanitary pad or cosmetics which are mainly used by women then it will be easier to get their attention.

Long Life Duration: Magazines naturally have a longer life than other types of print publications(newspapers, bulletin etc) The results of  advertising in magazine is that it can be spread over an extended period of time as magazines are often preserved and filed by the readers. And since most magazines are glossy and stronger it can last for a longer period of years and that is why magazines are placed at the airport, hospitals, saloons receptions, in the waiting room, tables, racks for visitors. The interesting nature of the articles and stories appearing in the magazine makes the magazine a semi-permanent medium for advertising. The number of advertisements also serves as an index to the popularity of the magazine.

Pass on readership: Furthermore, since magazines are colorful andattractive in nature, thus making it quite catchy and interesting, people may pass it on to their friends, colleagues, neighbors and families which will increase exposure and reach of your advert.

Status: Some magazine titles are well respected in their field, so advert placements in these will increase your product or brand’s prestige by association. For example Ovation Magazine by Dele Momodu is a well-recognized and respected magazine and for both gender types so placing an advert on this type of magazine will help boost your product or brand quality in terms of social status.

In general, advertising in magazines with high national distribution is quite expensive especially for businesses that are kicking off the ground or small scale and midsized businesses. With proper planning, you don't need to spend so much.What you really need to do is to choose publications that are closely associated with your target market.

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