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5 major Advertising Appeals used in Lagos, Nigeria

You know that feeling you get when you see or hear a funny, cute, bold, deceptive, colorful, attractive or inspiring advert on television, billboard, or while listening to your radio;  that emotion it triggers and the reaction it brings…that’s an advertising appeal used by advertisers to influence consumers to purchase a product, use a service or support a cause. Appeals speak to an individual’s needs, wants or interest.Same way advertisers use different media to promote a brand or service, they also use different approaches to appeal to their target customers.

Here are five major types of advertising appeals commonly used in Lagos

EMOTIONAL APPEAL: This form of advertising appeal is related to an individual’s social and psychological needs for purchasing certain products and services. Many consumers are emotionally motivated or driven to make certain purchases and this is the most commonly used by Lagos advertisers because it influences customers to buy the products or services due to emotional stimulation. Emotional appeal can be further broken down into two categories: personal appeal and social appeal. The personal emotions encourage individuals to buy products for the comfort, safety, stimulation, self-esteem, pleasure, joy, happiness where as social appeal encourages people to buy the products for recognition, affiliation, acceptance, status, etc.

ROMANCE APPEAL: I’m sure some of us have seen the close up toothpaste advert, (getting closer) that‘s an example of a romance appeal. Romance appeal is usually used to attract the opposite genders; a person readily feels to buy a product to attract the person of an opposite sex. This appeal implies to people that buying a certain product will attract or improve their romance with loved ones. . The appeal is used to signify that buying certain products will have a positive impact on the opposite sex and improve your romantic or love life. Brands like fragrances, automobiles, cosmetics and other related brands often times use this kind of appeal.

ENDORSEMENT APPEAL: Advertisers make use of celebrities, youth icons, and well known personalities. It helps to increase the sales because people like to follow their favorite icons, or celebrities.An example of a brand that has been highly successful with this kind of appeal is the Pepsi.The Pepsi brand is well known for using this kind of appeal… from soccer players to musicians to actors etc. This advertising appeal has led to an increasing number of brand ambassadors for big brands in Nigeria. And so far, it seems to have the desired effect on the target audience in Nigeria.

BANDWAGON APPEAL: This type of advertising appeal is meant to make people feel that since everybody is doing something then it is acceptable and they should be part of the crowd as well. A bandwagon appeal makes consumers believe they are missing out by addressing the consumer’s need to conform and fit in with the rest of society. Food and drink ads show hip young adults enjoying a product and ignoring the individuals who aren’t doing same. Medical products show consensus by indicating the number of medical professionals who support the product. A book ad by publisher may say, "80 percent out of 100 professors recommend this book to undergraduate students" to show product effectiveness. Cellphone providers give sales and user statistics to indicate why their product is the more preferred. This type of message says buy this product because everyone does.

MUSIC APPEAL: Music appeal is one of the most entertaining and fun kind of appeal,because it has a certain intrinsic value and can help in increasing the persuasiveness of the advertisement. It can also help capture attention and increase customer recall. Honeywell wheat meal, GLO, MTN and a whole host of other brands use this kind of appeal to maintain current customers as well as to win new customers.

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