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Different types of Newspaper Advertising in Lagos Nigeria

Newspaper advertising as a valuable marketing tool cannot be over emphasized, asides the fact that it helps increase business awareness to the public and helps businesses / brands reach their different target market. Newspaper advertising is also a commonly used and traditional method for capturing the attention of customers to a business, sale or a services being offered.

There are over 30 major news papers in Nigeria. The leading newspapers in Nigeria remains Guardian Newspaper, Punch Newspaper, Businessday Newspaper, Thisday Newspaper, DailyTrust, The Sun ETC. For more on types of newspaper in Nigeria, read our articles on Newspaper rating in Nigeria.

As a keen business advertising manager who has topmost effectively advertise a product or services via newspaper, there are various types of newspaper advertising options that differ in size, placement, shape and cost you should always look at.

Newspaper advertisements are a boon to businessmen as they are among the effective methods of improving business. Though there are many other advertisement measures with the advancement in technology like online advertising, newspaper advertisements remain among the best. There are different types of newspaper advertisements that you can choose from.

Let’s briefly look at some of the various types of Newspaper ads in Nigeria

·        Classified Ads: These types of newspaper ads are the smallest and are cost-efficient.  Under classified ads comes text classifieds and display classifieds. Text ads contain no more than text and numbers while display classified contains small images in colors. These types of newspaper advertisements usually occupy a smaller space with just three or four lines and offers equal potency. They are mostly meant for the small scale business owners and consumers as well. Since they run for a particular period of time, they are found to be quite effective. They usually are small inser­tions chargeable per word. Classified advertisements are sub-divided under headings like public appointments, situations vacant, situations wanted, matrimonial, educational, to let, business, property, court and company notices, tender notices, public notices, auction notices, etc.

·        Spotlight Ads: These types of newspaper advertisements are usually highlighted in a particular background color. These can be suited to make your ad stand apart from the others.They are attractive and capture immediate attention and are efficient than the usual classified ads.But they are bit expensive. Spotlight ads focus the attention to a particular product, product line, staff member or customer of your business. This looks good as a larger display ad run just a few times each year.

·        Business Card Ads: They are also among the best newspaper advertisement types and are best suited to improve businesses. These business newspaper advertisements are in the size of a business card or even bigger with thick outer borders. They can be placed anywhere in the newspaper unlike the classifieds newspaper ads where there is a separate section. Business card ads act much like a business card. This type of newspaper advertising is about the same size as a business card and is commonly used as a platform for the advertiser to introduce him or herself to the reader. Much like the classified ads, these ads are grouped together, but they may be color or black and white, depending on what the advertiser pays and what options the newspaper offers. Unlike the classifieds, these ads attract more attention, because the advertiser can use a design, pictures and words to draw in the reader. It typically says who and where you are, and what you sell. It may include your logo.

·        Circular Ads: These newspaper advertisements are the types that are not usually printed in the newspaper. They come with the newspaper as separate sheets with the business details. They are printed separately and then inserted along as a newspaper advertisement. You need not pay much to the newspaper advertising agencies too. You only need to pay the printing services.

·        Display Ads: Display ads are the newspaper ads that gather much attention as they occupy a larger space in the newspaper. They can either occupy quarter, half or a full-length page. They can contain as many pictures, words, etc. They are usually meant for creating awareness about a new product in the market. The newspaper advertisement rates can cost much for the business owners to have a display ad in a leading newspaper. The newspaper advertising rate for this type of newspaper advertisements can increase as per the number of words and area of the newspaper advertisements. Display Advertisements usually cover products and are therefore mostly illustrated. They may cover all sorts of every-day life products like cosmetics, domestic items, kitchen ware, electronic goods, sanitary products, etc.
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