Monday, January 26, 2015

Introducing “MYBRANDI” The first P6 LED Screen in the Nigerian Outdoor Advertising

The Audience and Brands Consulting Limited has launched an amazing four- face first P6 LED hydraulic 360 degree rotational mobile electronic billboard into the Nigeria Out-of -home Advertising market.The mobile electronic board which comes with features like audio visual and static pictures could also be used as activation rig that provides on the spot engagement and interaction for brands.

Speaking at the media experience, the Consulting Head of Audience and Brands, Mr. Oborgu Ugochukwu revealed that, the company aspires to become the centre-point for unadulterated media ideas across media platforms inAfrica.  “Our motivation is to create marketing communication ideas that differentiate the brands we serve from viral me-too syndrome that dictates the Nigerian marketing communication space owing that our communication platforms deliver expansive awareness for our clients” he added .

Oborgu relaying some of the unique features of MyBrandi,  said, the board is a four-face, hydraulic, 360 degree rotational mobile billboard that combines audio-visual and wireless microphones to deliver brand messages in the most unusual and effective way.  Brands messages could  sermonized on the move, activation can conveniently be carried out using MyBrandi mobile platform to entertain bystanders who are attracted to brand activation stand on streets, highways, markets, places of worship, schools, hotels, bars or any place of interest to the brand and its consumers.  We go after the eyeballs and locate wherever there is traffic congestion all through the day.

He further disclosed that, the four-face, hydraulic, 360 degree rotational mobile billboard is the first P6 LED screen in the Nigerian outdoor advertising space.  This means that you can view the screen from the closest range without distortion of the image to the eye.

MyBrandimobile outdoor advertising solution is different from others because it reaches targeted audience in an uncluttered manner. It disseminates brand messages targeted at a particular focus group or groups. It can produce automated proof of display in addition to its audio-visual and street hypes features. It is reasonably priced despite its exceptional communication features which rank above basic electronic mobile billboards in Nigeria

With this latest out-of-home adtechnology, you can extend your outdoor advertising campaign and reach more of your target audience effectively.

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