Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria(OAAN) shuns Illegal billboards installation

  The Nigeria out-of-home advertising industry is no doubt enormous, yet the business has its excruciating challenges and illegalized display of outdoor advertising is one of them. Regarding that, I will like to share a report I saw on the outdoor governing bodies of Nigeria giving a plea to that effect.
Last November, the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN) cautioned politicians and other individuals regarding the use of indiscriminating and illegal installation of billboards for electioneering campaigns, saying that such act will impact negatively on the environment as well as create new challenges for the industry.
According to the report given by Brand work Nigeria, the plea was made at the end of its extra-ordinary General meeting held at Obasanjo Legacy resort in Abeokuta, Ogun State. The president of the association, Mr. Charles Chijide made it known that any group of individuals who engages in the practice in whatever form, for whatever purposes and under any guise will be committing an act of illegality.
Chijide stated that "For the avoidance of doubts, we state quite categorically that it is only those companies that are within the fold of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria licensed to engage in the business of outdoor advertising by APCON that can lawfully engage in the practice."
Also "when nonprofessionals and quacks engage in any specialized area of human endeavor, the result can only be chaotic" insisting that it was OAAN's belief that the current activities of those engaging in illegal billboards installation across the country can only result in having serious negative consequences on the environment."
"while members have existing billboards that are currently available for acquisition (and for which the signage agencies insist that they pay prescribed fees, not minding whether revenues are being derived on them) the same regulatory agencies appear to be looking the other way while certain individuals flout the law with crass impunity."
He further argued that if professionals are engaged, the environment will be better for it while the sponsors of such campaigns would spend less, and still have higher value for their money. The association which called on the various signage and advertising regulatory agencies and other departments of government with similar mandate at all levels across the country to be alive to its responsibility and stop this illegality, was of the view that moments like this calls for the regulatory agencies to demonstrate that they are truly in charge and that only companies registered with them are allowed to install and deploy billboards in their respective domains.
He disclosed that this advice becomes necessary in view of the adverse effect that this act of gross illegality constitutes to the environment and the grave danger it portends for the society if not checked immediately.
It called on the signage’s agencies and departments to take urgent steps to protect both OAAN members businesses and the environment from imminent onslaught of politicians through indiscriminate installation of billboards.
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