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Importance of Brand Activation in Lagos, Nigeria

Have you ever tried to buy a laptop and hp product comes to mind? Have you tried searching for something on the internet and the first thing that you think of is Google? or have you ever been to the supermarket to buy groceries and the goods that come to mind are Milo, Peak milk, Coca-Cola, Morning Fresh, Omo detergent, Blue Band etc…? Well, these are not mere coincidence. Whether we choose to believe it or not everything is branded from what we eat, what we wear, programs we listen to or watch on TV, the people we interact with, the house we live in, and even our everyday activities. The world is a branded place and this is as a result of brand activation. This is especially true in Nigeria from time past and even now.

Let’s take a quick look at the definition of brand activation;
Brand activation is a marketing process which is sometimes called brand engagement; it focuses on building a longer term emotional connection between the brand and the customer. It is a marketing process of bringing a brand to life through creating brand experience.

Brand activation is all about creating a big concept of enforcement and also reinforcing the idea with positive stimuli to ensure that the customer begins to accept and appreciate the brand. This involves making sure that the brand connects on an emotional and positive level with the customer.

The stronger the emotional connection, the better off the brand will be. A close relationship between the customer and the brand can be built through various marketing strategies. These strategies are aimed at educating, informing, motivating, persuading and interacting with the customer.

However the importance of brand activation when it comes to shaping the brands future cannot be over emphasized, in the sense that
·         Brand activation increases the amount of repurchase of the brand by customers: A good brand activation process is supportive of customers, encourages further discovery of the brand by customers, encourages knowledge of brand, encourages customers to like the brand, convinces customers, and eventually promotes the buying and re-buying of the brand.
·         Increases the brand salience: The particular brand will always be in the mind of its customer, most people are so connected with a particular brand, that if it is not available they rather not buy another type of brand. Take for instance, at a phone store where I was working last Christmas; a customer walked in asking for a Tecno phone, while the store already ran out of it, this particular customer waited 3 hours for new arrivals. Though in between the 3 hours waiting, I suggested other brands with the same amount of money but she declined and insisted on a techno product. Therefore salience is an added advantage when consumers are making a brand choice decision at the point of purchase.
·         Communication: It increases the ability of the brand to communicate in the market; it gives the brand a cutting edge and a position in the market place with its target audience. It also triggers interactivity and empowers consumer activation. An example is Maltina’s (Maltina Dance All).
·         Increase profits: Successful brand activation will allow businesses to increase their profits and reach their strategic goal which is every organization or business’ dream.
·         Provides Platform for sponsorship: effective brand activation most times creates room for more business opportunities from different and large scale organizations.
·         Trust: Most importantly brand activation assist in creating trust between the customer, the product and the society at large And trust is one of the key factors to every business in fact to everything in life. Coz it creates loyalty between the two parties. It assists in strengthening ties with customers.

When the brand activation process is successfully implemented, the brand is able to convince more customers while still maintaining its position in the market. When this process is wrongly implemented, the result is a poor performing brand. This can lead to the brand diminishing in the marketTake a look at this example; In 2008, Etisalat telecommunications came into Nigeria from UAE with a big bang, and not only did they launch different and interesting packages, but they made their way into the hearts of Nigerians and the Nigeria market using different brand activations. They achieved this by using almost all the different advertising strategies and emotional appeals. They talked, they sang, walked, and danced their way in; pushing through so many other telecoms brands in the market. And they did not stop there or are not stopping there because the market is a battlefield and all the brands are at war with each other and a major weapon is the brand activation.

Just like Etisalat, when an effective brand activation process is done, it must change and adapt to current norms in the market. The process must always remain relevant and updated in order to become effective. The best process will always take in the customers preferences (at that time), listen to responses from customers, and make appropriate changes.

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