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Using Below the line (BTL) advertising to promote your business in Lagos, Nigeria

You want your brand to have a meaningful connection with your customers but you don’t have a lot of money to promote your brand. Well,below the line advertising is the marketing method for you.

Below the line marketing is directed to your target audience, and you can customize the message and the market to specific market segments with extremely relevant information and offers.
With BTL advertising you can deliver a highly targeted, personal message to your customers. It makes consumers get to touch, feel, and experience a product or service.  It’s also obviously cost-effective than other forms of advertising promotion.

Here are few BTL advertising methods that can help boost your business;

·         Printed Flyers: You can print and distribute flyers; make sure the flyer has your  business name, logo and contact details and its designed and detailed enough to catch the attention of a prospective client or customer. You can also exchange flyers with other business companies.

·         Notice boards: A small printed ad in a supermarket/mall noticeboard will be seen by a surprising large number of people.

·         Word of mouth: Do not dismiss the power of word of mouth.Encourage people to talk about your products/services with their relatives and friends. 

·         Business cards: Business cards are very useful for reinforcing word-of-mouth recommendations. Always carry enough with you and give them out at any business or friendly meetings or gatherings.

·         Social media: Several technologies have made below the line marketing easier. Mobile communication through smart phones that allow access to documents, instant messaging, Bulk messages and business applications make it very easy for sales people to develop connections to customers in the field.

·         Branded products:  Give out branded products with your organization name.Make sure to use items that people use often such as t-shirts, key rings, mugs, pens, calendars, umbrellas etc.And give these things to customers, suppliers, business partners, sponsors, friends, family and anyone else at every opportunity. You can also have your business details and contacts on nylons, packages or materials used in selling your goods or services.

·         Competitions and prizes: They can help boost brand awareness among target consumers, or temporarily increase sales while ensuring patronage from first time product or service usage.

·         Use the interior public transportation: Public Buses, BRT buses, taxis and trains carry advertising posters inside their vehicles and stations. Using this medium is also as effective as the others because a lot of people will get to see your ad.

·         Brand your business vehicle. If you company have a business bus or car this is another perfect way to get customer’s attention. Carry an ad containing your brand name, logo and details while you're on the move. This can establish a strong presence for your brand in Lagos. Take advantage of the heavy traffic please.

·         Slip a business card or flier into books, Newspapers and magazines. Most small companies make good use of this BTL ad tool and it has proven to be quite effective.

·         Door to Door Marketing: Door to door marketing is personal, and this is one of the most common forms of below the line advertising. This technique requires highly trained sales personnel that know how to build customer relationships and are also persistent.

·         Email Marketing:Email marketing can also be a form of below the line advertising if your company conducts the campaign on its own. You are communicating directly with the consumer through this form of marketing and can direct them to your website where they can learn more about what you are offering.

·         Coupons and vouchers: Offer percentage discounts, price promotions and product or services. Example, “Buy two for one” or “buy one get another free”.

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