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Many Nigerian business owners and managers struggle everyday with how to implement effective sales. Yea, while there is no one way solution to implementing effective sales that doesn’t mean your marketing technique should be complicated. With the right marketing techniques you can build your business and meet your company’s goals and objectives.

Here are seven must try effective techniques for building your business;

•    Identify and promote the unique selling proposition:You need to separate your product from other competitive brands. Find or create a reason for customer to do business with you instead of your competitor who are offering the same or similar product, determine your unique selling proposition and advantage you offer to customers that your competitors do not offer. Promote your advantage in all of your advertising. Show customers the special benefits they receive from doing business with you.

•    Testimonials: Get testimonials from customers and use these testimonials as part of your sales and marketing literature. Place video and text testimonials on your company website, you can also print the testimonials in your brochures.Create a cheering squad by using social media networks to gather current and potential customers to promote your business. Prospective customers tend to believe what their people say about a company more than what the company says about its own products and services.

•    Call to action: A call to action is a statement that tells prospects and customers what they need to do next. For example, at the end of a brochure, you may include a statement that says, “Call 0801…. today for your free consultation” or “Email us at …”So ensure that all of your marketing and sales efforts include a call to action. Don’t assume your customers know what they should do next.

•    Promote and emphasize benefits instead of features: Many companies make the mistake of promoting the features of a product or service, instead of how the product or service benefits their customers. Nigerians like to get value for their money. They are interested in knowing what’s in it for them. Tell them how your product or service benefits them, rather than focus on how it benefits you. Always include these benefits in your marketing and sales information. Just simply promote the end result.

•    Add an irresistible offer: Give customers a reason to respond to your sales and marketing techniques by making them an offer they cannot refuse. An irresistible offer may include a free gift, a discount or bonus items, games with prizes and gifts. This creates excitement and participation encourages customers to build a relationship with your product. The attraction of getting something free or earning rewards makes promotions successful. Limited-time offers and entry deadlines add urgency to this advertising technique's call to action.

•    Association: Associating your product or company with a famous person, catchy jingle, desirable state of being or powerful emotion creates a strong psychological connection with the customers. For example Pepsi and Nike use successful athletes like Messi, Yobo, Cristiano Ronaldo in their ads.
 These types of technique encourage an emotional response in customers, making it attractive through transference.

•    Bandwagon: The bandwagon technique sells a product or service by convincing the customer that others are using it and they should join the crowd. Other bandwagon advertisements suggest that the customer will be left out if they do not buy what's being sold. No typical Nigerian likes being left behind or being the last to hear or use something especially the youths, so using this form of technique to sell your product or services will also increase sales for your company.

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