Friday, September 23, 2016

The importance of selling “the benefits” of your product on a Billboard ad campaign in Lagos, Nigeria

Planning and writing a billboard sales campaign can sometimes be tough because you are trying to deliver a sales message to prospective customers that are on the move or at freeway speeds. Which is why it’s important you positively and creatively  catch people’s attention with billboard ad message.

You’ve probably heard the saying “benefits sell, features don’t”, It basically means that if you want to sell something, your marketing messages should focus on the benefits of your product, and not on its features. That is why it is advisable to keep it short, simple and memorable. At a high road speeds, no one has time to puzzle out or read your product features, or unravel layers of meaning. You need to hit them right between the eyes but you have to do so in a way that amuses, entertains, or delivers a big benefit.

The main reason why features don’t sell is because potential customers don’t care about them when they are on the move trying to get to their various destinations.  Sure, they might later use a list of features to decide between two similar products, but putting it on a billboard won’t catch customer’s attention but rather leave them confused.

How can you work out your product's key benefits?
First, identify the customers' needs. "Look at your product as a solution and understand what issues it addresses. Successful selling requires you showing your customers how your product meets their needs. To understand how to exploit these benefits as a sales tool, put yourself into your customers' shoes. "Ask 'so what?' to each benefit and then make sure that the answer illustrates how your product's benefits can help solve a problem.
Another important factor is to quantify the benefits you are offering. Make it look like a big deal. For Instance you have a cosmetics product that helps reduce stretch marks, rather than writing all the features, just simply go with “Get rid of stretch marks in 7 days”. Highlighting your product's benefits in quantifiable terms is more likely to result in a sale than simply describing its features.
Also it is important to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Be different and have a unique approach.
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