Monday, September 26, 2016

Tips on how to increase your brand visibility with social media marketing in Nigeria

It is important to involve social media in your marketing strategy. Social media is simply a requirement for any successful business. Social media marketing is really a big deal when it comes to brand visibility in Nigeria and that’s because of the rapid increase of internet/web users all around the country.
A brand’s image can stand incredibly strong and authentic with social media marketing. Yes, creating a strong brand takes time and money but with good and consistent social media strategies your brand’s visibility can be developed and maintained.

Improve your brand visibility with these few tips listed below;

  • Build an effective website: Most brands have an official website and that’s because it is the central component of any business digital strategy. It is how your current and prospective customers can most easily find and connect with you. Make your website a priority whether you’re just about building your website or looking to improve the one you have.

  • Know Your Audience: To get it right, you need to know who your audiences are. Study the metrics pertinent to your medium. You have to know how visual your product or service is, know if you have constant updates or likes (Twitter or Facebook etc.). You must first truly understand who your audiences are and how best to communicate with them. 

  • Choose which Social Media Channels Works best for your business: Facebook and Twitter provide strong platforms to reach the vast majority of consumers with business updates, sales and promotions, new products and services. Consumers today spend a considerable amount of time on social media interacting with friends and brands as well.  Build social media channels that can generate loyalty and one on one conversation or engagement with customers and potential customers.

  • Make it known: Once your channels are established, share your information wherever you can through posters and flyers, advertisements, your business website, etc. Explain to customers why it’s worth it for them to follow you on social media.

  • Keep Current By Regularly Updating Content: This is very important. Content is ultimately the beginning, middle, and end of any brand visibility campaign.  Social Media Marketing would truly not exist if there wasn’t a constant stream of content on display for your customers to see.  Publish more content and increase your visibility. Know where, when and how to speak to your audience. Answer questions, pose challenges, Inspire, and Entertain. Develop an editorial calendar to update your site in conjunction with big promotions and sales, events, and other notable activities, or when you introduce new products or services.

  • Viral or video marketing: This is an effective type of content marketing, and it gives you the ability to reach a large group of people very quickly.  Videos often go viral.  They’re easy to share. Written content and photos can become viral, too. Consider your topic and how you might capitalize on the branding ability of viral content. 

  • Partnerships with other visible brands: Another fast way you can build your own brand visibility is to partner with other visible brands. Exampleif your company publishes books, you can partner with schools that are visible online. Because you can tap into your partner’s audience and build strong recognition quickly.

  • Make Contact Information Visible & Consistent: Importantly, incorporate your business contact information (phone number, address, email address, etc.) in your site. Ensure that your contact information is consistent with what you have included on online business listing websites.

  • Also ensure your Website Is Mobile Optimized: That way customer can easily search you out using their mobile phones. It’s no news that consumers regularly turn to their smartphones and tablets to search for local business information and to shop products and services online. 

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