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Tips on how to make your radio advertising work in Lagos, Nigeria

Radio advertising is equally as effective as all other forms of advertising in Lagos. It may seem effortless sometimes and that’s maybe because you are probably not doing it right. Radio ad can generate business leads which will eventually lead to sales and business growth if done properly.
Before you begin any radio ad campaign, there are few things you need to put into consideration, things like knowing who your target audience are, know their preferred language, their interest etc. as to enable you pick the right station(s) and program to reach them on. Also know how to create a script that will differentiate your message from the rest of the background noise, etc.

Basically, people can be categorized into, (1) Methodical: these are People who are statistically driven. They care about facts, figures, features and benefits. (2)Humanistic: these are People who are emotionally driven. they care about how a product makes them feel. (3)Spontaneous: are people who make quick decisions, they see it, or hear it, and instantly know that they must have it. (4)Competitivewhile competitive People are people who want the best of the best: they want the best and latest product and they want to be the first among their friends to have it.

Here are 7 simple tips to make radio advertising work for your business in Lagos, Nigeria;
Know your Target Audience: Just like every other forms of advertising, you must know who your target audiences are. Understand the people you’re trying to reach. Know your target demographic.  Advertising a beverage like Milo in a morning program make sense, advertising an alcoholic drink in the evening or night also make sense, because that when your target consumers are likely to be listening. Make a list of the radio stations, Listen to each one and the kinds of program they offer to help identify your own target audience. Know the kind of listeners that will be tuning in and if they are potential customers for your product or service. Remember also to keep in mind the age range, gender, religion and professional status of your target consumers.
Create simple and clear Messages: Don’t let your ad be too complex. Packing too much into the ad overwhelms the listener sometimes it goes over their heads. Or promoting too much information that distracts or bores them can lose them. Narrow down what you want to say to only the most compelling points. Also produce valuable commercials, unlike TV commercials, production is more simple for a radio ad. You need a script and voice talent. However, that doesn't mean you should just rush something together. Your copy isn't relying on any visuals so it's vital you capture the listener's attention from the start. Start with an “opening attention grabber”. The majority of your listeners will be driving, cooking, jogging etc. when they hear your ad. They are not listening with full attention so you will have to earn it. Start every ad with an attention grabbing statement.
Create personal and emotional radio copy:  Create effective use of the interplay between emotion and logic. There are points in the ad where emotional appeals are appropriate, and there are other points in the ad where logical appeals are potent. Your radio ad must be "relatable". For instance, If your product or service is designed to solve a problem for your consumers, first, determine what is that problem? Then personify it. Your listeners must be able to see themselves in your ad.
Brand your Message: Change your ads frequently to avoid over saturation, but don't change them drastically. You may want to use a unique character, whose voice becomes your company's on-air logo. Listeners will relate with that voice so it may be beneficial to keep it consistent. Likewise, you may have a strong closing call to action that will become memorable. Keeping consistency of brand throughout your ads will help them to perform better.
Frequency of Ads:  A radio commercial needs to air multiple times before it sinks in with the listener. Running your commercial once a week for a month isn't going to cut it. A commercial that airs multiple times in a day has a better chance of reaching the listener than a commercial that only airs a few times in a week.
Use of sound to enhance the message: It is radio, it deals with the mind. With TV you can just show someone but on Radio you show them with sound. This is very productive when done well. 
Upgrade up your brand website: This is quite necessary for an effective radio ad because it will definitely help in the overall effectiveness of your campaign. A large number of listeners will Google you before taking action. Most consumers will research a product or service online before making a purchase. Your website is the best possible means of differentiating your company from your competitor.

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