Thursday, September 29, 2016

Use Twitter Advertising Strategy to Get More Customers and Drive Sales in Lagos, Nigeria

Twitter's 140-character limit shouldn't be an obstacle in selling your brand. Building an audience on Twitter is much easier than doing it on your blog. Just by sharing quality content and being active every day, people will start to follow you and focus on what you are sharing.

Now is a great time to get focused on Twitter and start building a strong and visible brand.

Here are effective methods to getting your messages shared and attracting new customers to your business;

  • Join the Right Conversations: You need to go where the conversation is already taking place because starting conversations before you have a loyal audience can come off as unreal, joining the right conversation will find you in the perfect context for engagement. Also remember to be helpful and eager to provide information, advice, or relevant resources and you’ll build trust and new relationships. 
  • Start Dialogues: start conversations yourself. Engage your followers by asking authentic questions to build relationships with your brand and gain even more insight into your state or town. But make sure you have a purpose in mind when you ask a question. Once followers share answers, respond to those that warrant a response. If someone has a particularly compelling answer, retweet it to your followers.
  • Keep Things Simple: You need to keep things simple. Whatever you share or teach, you want it to be simple and concise. If it’s a blog post, make it quick and to the point and helpful. If it’s a contest, make it easy to enter and share. If it’s some training, keep it direct and make it easy to apply. 
  • Share Quality Stuff: This applies not only for your content but other people’s content as well. People won’t care if the irrelevant message you shared was yours or not, they will only care that you shared it and it was irrelevant. But if you share quality content that is mostly targeted to your follower base, then you will become a resource for sharing awesome messages, which will help get your own content shared more. 
  • Reply to almost Everything: Reply to any comments or complaints you get on Twitter. If someone leaves you a nice comment, then acknowledge it and reply to it. Remember that person could have sent you a private email to leave that comment, but instead they chose to do it on Twitter where everyone can see. You need to be thankful for that and show it. Whereas if a comment is negative, Worse thing you can do is ignore it, since everyone else will still see it, so you might as well deal with it. 
  • Careful What You Say: Lately you have seen more and more stories of people tweeting out things that they regret later. When someone tweet you something rude or insulting, naturally you just want to lash out to them. But don’t, let it go or make a joke of it. 
  • Learn To Give: To build a strong brand on Twitter you will need to give back as much as you get. You ask how? Good question! If people share your content, then at some point you will want to share theirs. If someone does something you like or respect, then share that and mention them and what they did. Share what you know for free either by answering questions or doing a Twitter chat. 
  • Stay Active: Now there is a fine line between being available and being overly available. To grow a strong brand you have to be active and available most of the day and most of the week. 
  • Be Real Be You: The best brands are real and have personality. All strong brands one thing in common people trust them and what they say. It makes you real, human and relatable. 
  • Sponsor a Contest: This goes with giving back to your followers, People like free and your followers will like it even more knowing the contest is just for them. Knowing what your goal is with your contest is the most important thing you need to do. 
  • Relax Have Fun:  It’s just Twitter so have some fun with it. Don’t get to caught up on if things are working or not, or tracking stats and graphs. Just take your time, relax and have fun.

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