Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Great Approaches To Branding And Effective Product Communication In Nigeria

Branding has been defined as a "Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's goods or services as distinct from those of other sellers." Branding has now become a common term used in marketing. Branding is essentially burning your company or web site name or slogan into the minds of potential customers and it creates a lasting value above and beyond all the other elements of your business. A Brand is the one thing you can own that nobody can take away from you. Everything else can be stolen.  

Approaches to Branding and Effective Product Communication in Nigeria are outlined as follows:

Define Target Audience: This is the starting point in the communication strategy process. First of all it is important to convey a consistent message to your target market. So consider what your target market is, because it may surprise you to know that many businesses don’t! The factors to consider for consumer targeted businesses and services include geographical location, age, sex, income level and interest groups. In the Nigerian market, people are very pessimistic about product with poor delivery or below set standard when branding your product in Nigeria it is important to create a need for the product you are offering. This need will be of great help during the advertising campaign. An example of a brand that created a need while entering into the Nigerian Market newly is Renew Cold Water Starch. Renew capitalized on the fact that everyone loves to look good in properly starched and ironed clothes, but preparing hot water starch could be a bit stressful, so they came up with the cold water starch and created a need for it as it was faster to prepare and of course more pocket friendly as it was cheaper than the raw starch and even its Spray Starch Counterparts. Everything you do should at least create the beginning of a relationship.

Perceptions: The second ingredient in creating great communication is proper understanding of perceptions. I believe there are two types of perceptions which are Brand Perception and consumer Perception.

Consumer Perceptions: These are human truths. “Every human action or behaviour has a motive”. It is the understanding of the motive or behaviour that leads to the Perception.
Brand Perceptions: They are deep personal views that consumer has about the category and the brands that play in the category.

Proposition: The proposition or the BIG IDEA is the claim that the brand makes about itself. This is when one needs to look for what makes a product unique from another. If the idea is not differentiated, that is if your product is not different from other products that have been seen before in the Nigerian market, then the consumers will ignore your advert, even if it looks good. For example, Nestle will have to tell the consuming public what makes Maggi Seasoning Cubes uniquely different from Unilever’s Knorr Seasoning Cubes, and why it should be patronized as against other brands of seasoning cubes.

Placement: The Final piece of planning process is determining the placement communication. Determining which vehicle of communication will deliver the message effectively can be vital to the success or failure of the campaign. In Nigeria, there is presence of all major placements such as LED Advertising, BRT Bus Branding, Fliers, Press Ad, All form of Mass media, SMS services and many more. All this can be looked into when considering the best medium to advertise your products in Nigeria.

Keep your brand fresh. No matter how good your content is, you'll risk seeming stale and repetitive if you don’t continue adding new elements to your brand. You can’t ride one idea forever. Keep adding new layers to what you represent. A great example of this point is Dettol Soap that has successfully made various brands of Dettol soap, and has recently added Dettol Antiseptic cream into its growing Family.

We know that what matters most to you, is the influence and positive impact your brand holds in your client's mind. Hence, we emphasis on approaching and focusing on emotionally engaging concepts, at Poisemedia Communications Limited we ensure that your audience connects with your brand through creativity and business strategy.

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