Thursday, October 20, 2016

Five basic factors to consider when planning your advertising budget in Nigeria

Needless to say that adequate amount of advertising input is very necessary, not only to get a good brand image but also to increase profits through sales.

Many companies in Nigeria spend thousands of Naira on advertising. But then because of conflicts of opinion on its importance and objectives, the advertising flops and takes back seat. 

Objective setting is a very important step irrespective of the size of the company, budget decisions are critical as the money spent on advertising may mean the difference between success and failure.

Often times than not, advertising budgets are thought of as huge expenses with vague returns. But advertising budget should not be considered as expenses but as an investment which if done properly can give real good profits.

While planning for the advertisement budget you need  to ask yourself questions like; How much can i afford to spend on advertising and still achieve the profit objective, how much would be the apportionment of the total advertisement expenses on each product or product group, How much would be the advertising budget allocation on new products, etc.

Anyway, here are five specific factors to consider when deciding on the advertising budget,

  • Customer’s Growth Advertisement requirements are different for different products, if you are just introducing a product in the market, this will basically need large advertising budgets to build awareness.  Nevertheless, whether it’s an old product or new product you have to figure out how much it costs to get a new customer. Then, you multiply that cost by the number of new customers you want to acquire. The result is the amount you’ll need to budget in order to hit your target.
  • Market share and consumer base: Building market share by increasing market size requires large budget, on a cost per impression basis. While products with high market share usually require low budgets .It is less expensive to reach consumers of a widely used brand than to reach consumers of low share brands.
  • Competition and clutter: In a market with a large number of competitors and a high advertising spending, a brand must advertise more heavily to be heard. This method is simple in principle: find out how much your competitors are spending, and use just a bit more than that to market your company. The reality of doing this is a lot more difficult than it seems, since it can be very hard to find out exactly how much your competitors are spending. If you do manage to find out that information, this method can be a great way to figure out how much to spend marketing.
  • Advertising frequency: The number of repetitions needed to put across the brand’s message to consumers has an important impact on the advertising budget.
  • Product sustainability: A lot of industries have specific projections as to the amount you’ll need to spend on marketing if you want to make it. The best way to get these numbers is to find an association or organization that represents your industry and ask them for some averages. Once you have the averages, you can refine the actual costs based on your own situation and experience. Advertising is also important when a brand can offer unique physical benefits or features.

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Lilian Izuorah
Business Development Officer
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