Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Guidelines on how to create your personal brand in Nigeria

In today’s marketplace, it’s really tough to stand out. Graduating first class doesn’t even cut it anymore. It doesn’t even guarantee that you will land the job of your dreams, or that you’ll even land an interview. There are many qualified candidates out there. Too many if you ask me. However, the secret to standing out is to impress recruiters, employers or sponsors with your unique attributes either in person, on paper, or and online. You need to create a weapon and that’s your career marketing tools, this will help you shine and make people want you more.  It all starts with building your personal brand.

I don’t need to start going all the way on why your personal brand really matters, because I already covered that in my previous article, now let’s look at how you can actually build your personal brand.

Here are few steps to take;

  • Start imagining yourself as a brand: Start thinking of yourself as how you wish people would think of you; how do you want to be perceived as an expert? What are the general qualities you want linked to your name? Once you understand how you wish your brand to be perceived, you can start to be much more strategic about your personal brand.  You also have to determine your area of expertise, it's best to develop yourself in a very specific niche. With a niche focus, you'll have more opportunities to prove you know what you're talking about.  Maybe you’re a consultant, a movie actor or entertainer, sales developer, an event organizer, real estate agent etc., you need to determine what attributes you want the world to know you for. Make sure you don’t try to focus on too many things; it will be harder for someone to remember any of it. And make sure you’re honest with yourself, pretending to be something you’re not, never turns out good.
  • Update your social media profiles: Content is the fuel for your personal brand, social media is the engine. Use social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to broadcast your professional and personal message. Regularly sharing compelling content and ideas on these social sites will help you engage effectively with others, and work toward building your brand. And make sure they're consistently in line with your personal brand standards. Post updates regularly (at least once a day for Facebook and LinkedIn, at least multiple times a day for Twitter), and don't be afraid to re-post your older content for your new followers.
  • Create a personal website: which can be as simple as a page or two with your bio, resume, social media links, and a contact form. Because having a personal website for yourself is one of the best ways to rank for your name on the search engines. You can always expand on the website with time.
  • Always audit your online profiles: Always adjust your profile so they reflect the elements of your personal brand. You should always emphasize the elements of your personal brand in your life.  Sometimes we don’t act like the person we want the world to see. We think we’re motivated, productive but we spend a lot of time sleeping, or watching television, playing video games and surfing the internet. Let your message be a clear description of who you should aspire to be in your day-to-day life. Be purposeful in what you share, every tweet you send, every status update you make, every picture you share, contributes to your personal brand. It is an amalgamation of multiple daily actions.
  • Associate with other strong brands: Your personal brand is strengthened or weakened by your connection to other brands. Find and leverage strong brands which can elevate your own personal brand.
Most importantly, remember that a strong personal brand is like a seed; you have to plant the seed, water and nurture it, at the end of it all you'll eventually reap the fruits. However, it still takes time and dedication to nurture and expand your creation. Stay consistent with your efforts, pay close attention to how your audience responds to your content, stay ubiquitous and focused.

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