Monday, October 17, 2016

Increase your brand visibility using LED billboard in Lagos, Nigeria

LED billboard is a huge TV that plays moving ads by road side. Over the last few years LED billboards have been enthusiastically embraced in a lot of states in Nigeria, especially Lagos state. No doubt it a very effective medium for business.
LED are extremely bright, they have color and movement and special effects. They can be changed quickly and easily. They can be customized so they're relevant to the time of day when they're shown, busy hour. 

  • Flexibility: Business owners have the option to choose the type of LED signs they prefer for their business. From large billboards overseeing interstates to small signs at a bus shelter station. This flexibility allows businesses to find an outdoor LED sign to fit any budget.
  • Location branding: In the advertising world, getting the message out about your company’s location, and then repeatedly emphasizing that message, is called location branding. Outdoor LED signs can do just that by shining brightly in a clutter of signs not as bright or compelling.
  • Moving messages: Billboard LED signs catches the attention of drivers and pedestrians and gives business owners the ability to communicate a longer message.
  • Colorful & Attractive: Many outdoor LED signs display the traditional red or amber LED letters, but full color LED signs are also available that have a real eye catching effect.
  • In-depth messages:   It gives brand owners the ability to communicate a longer message. A LED screen will increase the visibility of your brand, due to its attractive nature. It will also inform the public about your products and services in a dynamic manner. The screen is controlled by a computer, and you can put up to a hundred custom messages on it. You can schedule different advertisements to run on different occasions or days. If you have ongoing promotions, you can program these into the computer, and they will be displayed automatically on the given date and time.
  • Offers current and updated information: From banks and filling stations to highway signs, it’s possible to use outdoor LED signs to communicate current messages to drivers. The messages can range from wind and rain advisories on bridges to current interest rates available at banks or time and temperature readings offered as a public service.
  • Easy to operate: Windows-based computer equipment can be used to program and operate outdoor LED signs, making it possible to update information on signs at any time of the day or night even if the business is closed.

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