Monday, October 24, 2016

How to plan your Advertising Media strategy in Nigeria

The role of media strategy is to find out the right methods that could be used in delivering messages to the targeted audience or customers.

Before you go into any form of work, business or campaign you need to have a set plan of action, so as to ensure the work is done effectively.

Basically, media strategy is not only procuring customers for the product but also placing the right message to the right people at the right time and of course that message should be persuasive and relevant. The planners or advertising managers should always bear in mind the set budget for the ad campaign.
It could sometimes get confusing, like how much to spend, where to place the ads, how often, what message to send, and to who etc.
However, let’s take a quick look at the following media planning process campaign conception outlined below;

 Campaign strategy: You need to strategize on the distribution of the campaign message. For example, deciding on the best media channels (TV, billboards, radio, online, etc.) and outlets for people to receive your company's message.
Coordination: Once the strategy is set, the next step is to contact the media outlets in order to study their offerings and coordinate the various available options.
Negotiation: You will need to negotiate what space or spots you will receive, along with trying to secure the best available pricing for each buy.
Artwork: Once the vendor negotiation is complete, you will then need to generate artwork of varying sizes and formats for the different campaign activations.
Production: The artwork forms must be coordinated into production of varying creative on different substrates for the various media formats.
Operations coordination: The artwork must then be supplied to the media vendors in a clear and concise manner with specific posting instructions to ensure on-time posting and to avoid any confusion. Digital advertising is generally easier to see through to completion, while outdoor advertising campaigns can be more complex as they involve tighter deadlines and specific operations and installation teams.

Proofs of posting: Waiting for your proofs of posting can be frustrating because they are generally delayed several weeks following a campaign's start date.
Remediation of any errors: If the media postings that you requested are not correctly done, you will need to fight for some sort of resolution with your vendors.

As the list above shows, media buying can be a long and complex process for most businesses to handle on their own, which is why businesses of all sizes can greatly benefit from working with a professional media buying agency to save time, money, and undue stress.
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