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Improving Customer’s Attitudes towards Your Brand in Lagos, Nigeria

Your brand image is a set of distinctive qualities people say to describe your brand. These qualities lead people to decide whether the services you provide are trustworthy and if you offer value to them.

The image your brand presents to your customer or target audience determines how your company is perceived and is a determining factor in growing your business.

Companies may focus on changing and improving consumer attitudes for a variety of reasons. Dropping sales, increased product or service complaints and new, or renewed, competition in the marketplace can all necessitate a hard look at the reasons behind trends related to consumer perceptions and attitudes.
Improving customer’s perceptions about your brand requires appropriate planning and the commitment to make the necessary changes to ensure success.
Step 1: Uncover what the audience thinks

There are certain attitudes and attributes your loyal customers have about your brand, which is why they choose you and  people who choose other competitive product have their own attitudes about your brand (mostly negative).  It is important to know what people really think of your brand. In order to develop an action plan for changing consumer attitudes, you need to understand current perceptions of products and services. Evaluate captured feedback, such as customer service contact statistics regarding complaints, concerns etc.
Step 2: Make inquiries
In finding out about your brand image, you have to ask the right set of questions to know what your audience thinks. You need to know what your loyal customers think of your brand image, and what the opposition thinks.  That will start providing a road map for how you attract new eyeballs without alienating your base. Then, you find out why your current customers like your brand. Ask why they trust you above all others. Maybe they get their information from a newspaper, radio, TV or social media. Figure out what sets you apart from your competitors.
Step 3: Create an action plan

Changing customer’s attitudes isn't fast or easy. Using the different types of media advertising to launch a promotional campaign is one step of the process. But before you buy billboard or radio advertising, you have to know the specific attitudes you want to change.
You want to address your weaknesses in the marketplace. Once you have identified consumer perceptions, develop a plan to improve areas where consumer perceptions reflect a negative attitude toward the company, product or service. Enlist the help of the marketing department to develop campaigns focused on increasing brand awareness and resolving common concerns.
Compile data for interpretation. Interpretations derived from statistical data can provide immediate feedback related to possible product or service defects. Evaluate survey responses for information related to consumer views and perceptions of the business's products or services. Focus on repeated or habitual problems experienced by customers. Find the common thread among complaints and negative perceptions. Determine if a negative consumer attitude is the result of employee neglect or product deficiencies. Service businesses can leave comment cards for customers to complete and mail back. Utilize surveys, paper and electronic, and focus groups to receive an accurate representation of problems or concerns that may exist.
Step 4: Educate your staff members
Train employees on how to handle concerns and help cultivate customer loyalty. Share vital information with affected employees. Educate the appropriate personnel on the goals of any new campaigns and promotions. Ensure customer service representatives understand the impact of creating a positive customer environment. Changing consumer attitudes is essential to ensuring future loyalty and creating a secure job environment.
Step 5: Measuring Results
Use customer service metrics as one way to measure success. This can include keeping track of incident reports, positive feedback and complaints. Signs of a shift in consumer attitudes include reduced complaints and increased sales.
Remember it takes time for an audience to respond to all the efforts you've made in re-branding your product. Don't expect to run a one-month advertising and get immediate results.

The key factors are consistency in your brand message and a long term advertising campaign.

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