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Measuring the Effectiveness of Advertising Campaigns in Lagos, Nigeria

Measuring the effectiveness of an advertising campaign is extremely important. Naturally, an effective advertisement should have strong and positive impact on the sales of a product or brand. Advertising managers as well advertising agencies, the product companies or other key players wouldn’t want an ad campaign to be ineffective especially when precious resources (time and money) have been put into it.

While it’s quite unlikely for an advertisement to cause harm, it can however be ineffective, but thorough research has revealed that bad or poorly strategic forms of advertising can decrease sales.

Advertising research should be measured in other to ascertain whether an ad campaign is successful or not. The what, when and how should always be borne in mind when measuring advert effectiveness.

It’s all about research, (advertising research), it sets targets for each objective and determines if those objectives have been achieved. An ad campaign is undertaken for different reasons and objectives; it could be the objective of increasing awareness from 40 percent to 60 percent or to create increase in sales or market share/position and if it can be attributed to the advertising campaign(s). Measuring can take place before, during and after campaign execution.

These are some of the ways to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;

Conduct a survey regarding Awareness and Recall:  you can use photographic or video images of your ads to test awareness and recall of your audience. For example, show individuals an image of an ad or video clip without audio to see if they recall the product or company. You can also test messages, called attitudinal measurement. With this research, you determine what emotions your ad messages have invoked in the viewers. For example, if your message is about drinking clean water like Eva water, determine whether the message made people more conscious of their health or not.

Inquiries: You can measure your advertising campaign effectiveness by the number of inquiries you have received throughout the campaign period. For example, if a customer or client calls the customer care line, you can ask how they got to know about the product or services.

Circulation: Adding circulation figures of the media where your ads are placed is another measurement. There is no way to determine how many people actually saw your ad using circulation figures. So don't use this as your sole measurement, but it does calculate potential viewing and reading. You can get circulation figures from every media source. Media owners try to account for several variables, such as special issues, part-time subscriptions and digital editions.

Increased click on the company’s website:  Online ads that customers click through to get to your website or product page are easily traced from the ad by the online ad vendor. Impression measurements include clicks and unique visitors which can also be an effective way for measurement. Anyway before purchasing digital advertising, ask each company if it follows these industry standards, so that your Internet advertising measurements are consistent. Have an inquiry question for the source on your website as part of the customer inquiry form as well.
Conducting a commercial survey after the campaign ends: You can conduct commercial survey for random people from random parts of Lagos state, using question and answer technique (Q and A) to ask them to discuss their likes, dislikes and understanding of the product or brand. Stills from the proposed commercials are shown on a TV screen with a voice over, this is a realistic portrayal of what the commercial will be like if its shot, the method provides important inputs from target customers themselves rather than solely relying on view of the advertising agency.

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